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decided it is probably much more to do with that 'grift sense' than anything else.

"On the table in front of you are an ipod, wallet and a cell phone. Three very common items you would find in many pockets on almost any street in America. I am going to turn my back and I would like you Sir to pick anyone of the objects and place it into your left pocket."

This is repeated with the remaining two items until all three items have been hidden in the spectator's jacket pockets at this point the performer, turns to face the spectator and continues: "Now obviously you could have placed those items in any pocket. There is no way I could know exactly where you might place those items correct? Also it is important, and please forgive me for saying this, but nonetheless you're not just playing along or in on this, are you? I mean the choices you have just made were made for the very first time up here onstage. Correct?"

The spectator confirms that he is not a stooge and has made fair choices and the performer continues: "At the very beginning I handed a folded piece of paper to you sir. Would you please bring that up here for me?"

The spectator brings the folded piece of paper to the performer. This piece of paper is handed to the onstage spectator.

"Now honestly would you be surprised if I had somehow predicted the whereabouts of those items? It would seem like an impressive task. However maybe there are certain patterns of behaviour especially when it comes to placing items such as our wallets into our pockets. For example I noticed you're right handed and so I would predict that you would probably place your wallet into your left jacket pocket. In fact I open up the paper and read what is written on it."

The onstage spectator opens the paper and begins to read the prediction. The performer has indeed predicted the locations of each of the three items. As the prediction is read, the performer is seen to be stealing each of the items back from the spectator onstage and handing them to the second onstage spectator to hold. All without the first onstage spectator feeling a t hing.

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