Card Thru Ceiling Dexter Cleveland

The next time you are having a new house built, why not have the general contractor put in a different card between every other rafter before he puts down the insulation? Use the Si Stebbins set-up (or any set-up you can remember for the next twenty years... or however long your mortgage is).

After a dinner party, you can retire to the living room, force a duplicate of one of the cards in the ceiling and hammer out the drywall to reveal the chosen (?) card — not sticking to the ceiling --- but passing completely through it!!!

When you sell your house and come back in five or ten years, you can still do the trick by noticing how many patch marks there are in the ceiling and forcing the correct card. Hie new owners will have completely forgotten that you sold them the house and won't mind a little gypsum board on their rug for the sake of entertainment.

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