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This is one of my all-time favorite card tricks. It can be done any where at any time. It has a nice theme which flews well through the routine. It was originally published in Phillip Young's Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do. (See Leftovers.) It is included here for the first time with a patter routine and a few changes. Hie routine is impromptu and practically self-working.

The magician explains that magicians are always on the lookout for illusions which pack flat. "The reason is that the less space a trick occupies, the more tricks the magician can take with him to a show. Well, cardicians are the same way. Hie more you can compress playing cards, the more tricks the cardician can take with him. Let me demonstrate."

The magician displays the four aces. He runs them through his hand and they magically compress into two deuces. Hie total value of the cards hasn't changed but the space they occupy has been cut in half. These two deuces are then run through the hand where they compress into a single four. Again, the value remains the same but the volume has been cut in half. Finally, the four is rubbed on the table or a spectator's hand where it compresses into nothing (vanishes).

The Work. Hie set up from the top of the deck is as follows: Four face up aces, one face up four, two face down deuces and the rest of the deck face down. Start with the deck in the left hand with a little finger break under the deuces. Spread the top three cards to display the four aces. (The fourth ace remains squared with the deck so as not to flash the four.)

Close up the spread and lift all the cards above the break over to the right side of the top of the deck as shewn in figure one. Hie cards are now grasped in the palm up right hand as shewn in figure two in readiness for the Vernon Push-Through Flourish which is now executed. Briefly, just turn the right hand palm down with an up and down flourish and push the packet through the right fist with the right thumb. As the cards emerge from the right fist, they are grasped squarely on the top of the deck with the left thumb. This means that you don't have to worry too much about them splitting since they join the rest of the deck as soon as they emerge from the fist. Right before you push the cards with the right thumb, pretend to be squeezing or compressing them.

Now spread the top three or four cards of the deck to show that the four aces are indeed gone and have changed into the two deuces. As you close up the spread, secure left pinky break beneath the third card from the top of the deck, the face down four. Repeat the exact same sequence as above to change the two deuces into the four. That is, square the three cards as two and execute the Push Through Flourish. As the card(s) emerge, they are taken straight onto the deck in the left hand. This is important since you are holding three cards as one. You can aim the cards downward so that the edges of the packet can't be seen fcy the spectators but even this isn't necessary if you use the deck for cover.

You can now display the four freely. I casually flash the back since magicians expect a double-face card. You are now going to perform the Rub-A-Dub vanish from Expert Card Technique. You can execute the standard vanish or you can do my variation. It is simply, do the standard vanish with the card face up instead of face down.

The left hand holds the deck face down with the four face up on top. It is side jogged to the right for about three fourths of its width. The right edge of the card is placed on the table. The whole card is new covered with the right hand. The card is now apparently thumbed off onto the table underneath the right hand. Actually, as soon as the card is out of view under the right hand, the left thumb pulls the card back flush with the deck. The left hand now does a wrist turn and places the deck face up on the table to the left. The spectators believe that the four is under the right hand. Actually, it is face down at the bottom of the face up deck.

Now you want to add a little time misdirection to the vanish. Bring the left hand back over to the right and pretend to be doing something magical in order to make the card vanish. Wait a few seconds and then lift up to show the card is gone. (That is, lift up the hands. I have a funny picture in mind of you standing up to shew the vanish.)

Regurgitations. As I said at the beginning of the trick, you can do this anywhere. If you have a table, you can use either the standard Rub-a-dub or the face up version just described. If not, you can use a vanish Dan Garrett suggested upon seeing the routine a few years ago. That is, you can do the standard Rub-a-dub using a spectator's hand for the table. It is a weird effect. They can't tell that there isn't a card under your hand for some strange reason. With this vanish, you can do the trick stand-up and walk-around. (And needless to say, the gutsy can even do Dan's vanish face up.)

Basically the patter I use follows the line described in the effect portion of the trick. It is ludicrous to think that compressing cards would allow a person to do more tricks. You can do almost as many tricks with one deck as you can with two.

When I introduce the aces I get the audience involved. "If aces have a value of one, (get ready for the question) if I have four aces we have a total mathematical value of what?" They say "four." "However, if I squeeze the four aces, you see that they compress into two deuces, which still have a value of what." Again they say "four". "Have you seen this trick before?"

"Finally, if I squeeze the two deuces, you see that they compress into one card ... which has a value ... of four." I don't know how to explain the delivery of the last sentence. It's as if I am asking them the value of the four which is being displayed. Hie obiousness of the answer and the way the line is delivered combine to produce a laugh. (I guess you would have to be there.)

"The other night I was doing this trick at a party and I asked a friend of mine what he thought about the effect where the four aces compressed into the two deuces, which compressed into the four." Pretend to place the card on the table. "He said he thought it was 'really nothing'. I said, 'you're right. It is nothing.'" At this, lift up the right hand and reveal the vanish.

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