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Enneagram Personality

In conclusion, the enneagram is a collection of the nine roles, and understanding of what type you possess, helping you make better life decisions. Enneagram personality has nine types: the perfectionist, the peacemaker, the achiever, the enthusiast, the challenger, the giver, the skeptic, the individualist, and the investigator. All this type of personalities describes different types of individuals with different characters and features. For instance, people with a perfectionist personality always desire to do things and avoid wrongs correctly. The rest views them as perfectionists, exacting, and very responsible. You can use the enneagram test to tell which type of personality you possess as a person. The enneagram can be applied for personal self- knowledge and personality development, giving a powerful tool for self mastery, resolution of conflict, leadership and emotional intelligence, and team dynamic. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

TANlislLNte Mai ManlliCrjpt Circa I 982

It's supremely important to research, experiment and test out every available approach to your close-up problems. For peace of mind you must know in your heart-of-hearts that the technique, effect or presentation that you finally decide upon is the very best possible approach considering convenience, economy of motion, impact, aesthetics and so forth. Once you really know that you've got it, once that handling finally becomes part of your personality, you can forget about variations, alternate techniques and reading Linking Ring Ring Reports. Be receptive to new advances that may develop, but don't learn something just because it's different whatever you do learn has to be better. You should get rid of this excess baggage of methodology in order to free yourself to do the important job of entertaining your audience.

September 2001 In the Beginning

Since Punx's style will probably be unfamiliar to younger readers of this magazine, I will mention that his approach is similar to that of Robert Neale. Routines of this nature place unique demands on the performer. I am also unsure whether these routines would play in contemporary close-up venues (such as restaurants, bars, and hospitality suites.) Because of this, the material may be of limited usefulness to the average close-up magician. However, this is not to say that a study of this book will not pay dividends. I'm a firm believer in cloaking my effects with presentations that will engage both the emotions and the intellects of my audience. However, I find that my stories are grounded in reality rather than laced with fantasy. But keep in mind that many approaches are possible, and the one that is best for you is the one that fits your personality, your style, your venue, and your audience.

Introduction Aldo Colombini

Scott creates magic that inspires enjoyment in the hearts and minds of the onlookers that share his performances. He is able to 'touch' people's hearts with a sense of wonder, happiness and humor. These routines have been worked on and refined over many years of presentations to the 'real' people (as in 'lay audience.') Try them out, every single one, and see for yourself which ones will fit your personality and way of performing. I am sure it will be most, if not all, found in his books.

Magic And The Science Of Medicine

I have told you how Magic will develop your personality socially. The importance of personality in the social world is great because being well known and well liked means so much in your happiness. Think, however, of the tremendous significance of personality in business. You know that it's the man with personality who gets ahead every time. As Magic develops your personality you find that you are progressing in your business. With the training in Magic which you have, you are better able to meet people. You have a little trick with which to break the ice when you call on a customer. In this way you can get the interest and attention of the man you are after. And you leave with him a lasting impression for he will remember you as the man who is clever at tricks. This business man becomes your friend because you arouse his interest in you as a personality. Your Magic has helped you win this man as a business friend and through him you meet other men either in a business or a social...

November 1998 Tales From The Road

The book begins with an Introduction which explains the organization of the material, some information on the history of the tricks, the meaning of the cute icons which accompany the text (these icons provide quick visual guides to portions of text which contain information on prep work, misdirection moments, psychological touches, and tips on performance), and advice on how to learn the material. Unfortunately, in this Introduction, Mr. Pogue continues to reinforce the great lie that learning a few magic tricks will correct all your personality deficits. I am sure that this sales pitch sells books (and indeed, this has been one of the main ways that magic dealers have attracted buyers), but the downside is that it brings into the community of magicians more social misfits than we really need.

Performers Thoughts on Methods Effects Creation and Publishing

While most crop circle sites have one or two crop circle diagrams, an amazing amount of activity was found at one particular single site. Some say this area and its designs have such tremendous pull that few people cannot be swayed by its influence. Fortunately this is a positive influence, as so many will attest. Those involved in magical geometry have tried various tests throughout the world attempting to discover the exact influence of these designs. Oddly, they have found these same diagrams useful in modern day psychology, as well as being influential icons in pictorial form. Even at its most basic level, this diagram analysis is a sort of personality type reading. Which diagrams people choose may tell us much about a person's tendencies and patterns. The text you are reading and the tools contained within have been constructed from these studies.

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

Alright, having beat this thing to death in theory, how about some practical advice on what to do about it. The first thing you must recognize is that knowledge is power. Simply having your eyes opened to the mechanics of toxic shame and how it was adversely affecting your life all these years can become a compelling tool for dismantling it. Knowing and understanding that your shame-bound emotions are something that was done to you, and is not really you (i.e. an unchangeable aspect of your personality) is an enormous revelation in itself that holds vast potential for jump starting your personal growth. No longer are you doomed to identify with an emotional characteristic i.e., you aren't shy -- you were programmed with an emotional flaw that caused you to utilize shy behavior in order to correct the problem. You adopted shyness as a shield against your shame, to keep it boxed in where it couldn't torment you. It was a pretty ingenious solution really. The drawback to using one type...

Attributes of men who are the PRIZE

So, if you want her to see you as the PRIZE, make sure you take her into your world. Take her around people who already love and admire you. In these social situations you will not have to try hard to prove yourself to others because they already love you. This will allow the most PRIZABLE attributes of your personality to flourish. Also, your friends loving and admiring you will validate in her eyes that you are the PRIZE.

Physically Attractive Female

Deep within you want to be desired for your personality, character, your soul, your spirit, and it gets very old and tiresome and very boring to continually have men at your fingertips. I know it's pleasant to be pursued, great for your self esteem but as we realize it won't last forever. I think you would have two significant love relationships in your life.

The Big Picture

Women become fast rejecters once they begin to get some experience with men hitting on them. They get to sample many different personality types they soon develop a sharp understanding of which kinds of men bore or excite them after seeing only a few seconds of their presentation. Sensitive egos like ours need protection from these fast rejecters But when you know the right way to act, the correct things to say, and the critical things to look for there is just about no chance of being rejected When you reach this skill level with women you can then begin to act with total impunity.

The Greatest Scam In History

You go to see a psychic - someone to whom you are a complete stranger. The psychic, usually female, describes your personality with pin-point accuracy. She identifies events in your past and present. Her reading may include the names of people you know, and specific facts about your personal life, career, and plans for the future. She refers to your innermost thoughts and problems, and provides wisdom and guidance which seems to make sense. She may also offer glimpses into the future which have an uncanny way of coming true.

Technique 10 The Make Believe Hold Button

Throughout history, philosophers and psychiatrists have divided people into four basic personality types. In this tape you learn how to determine you basic personality type. (Are you a box, a circle, a triangle or a squiggle ) Then you learn how to relate to the other boxes, circles, triangles and squiggles of the world. To further clarify our complicated communications conundrum, you'll examine differences in talking to men and talking to women. List some adjectives which describe the box personality type List some adjectives which describe the circle personality type List some adjectives which describe the triangle personality type List some adjectives which describe the squiggle personality type If you go into someone's office, you might determine which personality type they are by the furniture arrangement. Which shape is the occupant of the following offices DEALING WITH THE FOUR PERSONALITY TYPES

The Way Women Want Men to

But stop and think about it for a second, how would it serve women to have all the men in the world walking around with their tails tucked between their legs What for So they can bitch to their girlfriends about how all men are a bunch of useless pussies who don't even have the courage to say hello to them any more Not only wouldn't this state of affairs make any sense -- since women are generally more interested in playing the game of romance than men are and need someone to play with -- it simply just isn't reality. I don't care what part of the world you're in women long for love and affection, and for that they require the men out there to be interested in the sport of romance. It's quite possible that your bitterness over the long string of rejections you've gathered up has blinded you to this reality. The generalizing that all women love to reject and put down men (unless they happen to be rich or rock stars) is just a defense mechanism created to protect your ego. At least...

A list of the principal female tests and their meaning

A test can have many meanings and serve the purpose of uncovering parts of your personality in a really effective and extensive way. For example, the test of always being of a different opinion than you can be a way to check if you are self-confident. At the same time it can be a way of checking if you are aggressive or violent it can also be used to check if you have an opinion of your own or not. So, the basic difference between a test and normal conversation is that the test is meant to find out about certain particular traits of your personality, while normal conversation is meant only for discussing something, without your and your personality being so much under the spotlight.

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

Remember FOCUS ON HER - ACTIVE LISTENING - BE DECISIVE -BE A CLASS ACT. If you can skillfully demonstrate these essential aspects of your personality to her, you'll go a long way towards subliminally suggesting that you are the kind of guy who can satisfy her deepest emotional desires and provide what she's always been dreaming about in a relationship. If you can do that, you are well on your way to drawing her into your romantic influence and cementing the lid of the seduction shut.

Michael Ammar Success and Magic

You may feel free to use the presentations I have included for a number of the effects in this book. But first take the time to make them yours, to mold them to your personality. Imagine Martin Nash or Earl Nelson trying to deliver their magic like Juan Tamariz or David Williamson. They would flop, because they'd be trying to emulate someone with a vastly different style. I've seen both Mr. Nash and Mr. Nelson perform several times, and their acts are highly entertaining. They are much more reserved and sophisticated than Mr. Tamariz and Mr. Williamson, but there is no less an experience of wonder and astonishment in their acts, because they have formed entertaining presentations based on their individual characters and style.

Recreation and Repetition

Do you repeat the effect each time that you do it Or do you recreate it from scratch, brand new and sparkling, each time you start You can recreate it each time in the same way, without it being a tired repetition. And the best way to do this is to make sure that your spectators are actually involved in each stage of the effect. In a closeup setting, a routine such as the Oil and Water does not incorporate much in the way of participation. So care must be taken to engage the audience with your personality to the extent that they are happy to, essentially, sit and watch for a moment while you show something. In a platform piece that does not involve a spectator joining you, there is a real danger of that lonely cruise-for-one. Producing Aces and Making Things happen With Some Cards will bore your audience senseless unless your character is so likeable and engaging that you are bringing this indifferent material to life. If you, on the other

The Right One Defined

Alright, let's see if we can't put this whole thing together into a coherent philosophy of life . Now that you understand something about the basic emotional needs of both men and women, it's easy to see how they could be fit together into a single package that would define the ideal personality type that most of us are seeking as soulmates . The so called 'Right One'. Since this book is for guys, I'll lay out for you what I think the three most important characteristics are that any guy should be looking for in a woman, and while it might also be true for women, they've got enough of their own books and magazine articles to dig through to determine how to find their own Mr. Right.

Staying On Track With Your Confidence Practice Calendar

One day you could practice speaking confidently. The next day, the day's exercise could be walking confidently. The following day's exercise could be gesturing confidently. Go through this book and pick out your favorite exercises and put them down on your calendar. Create the calendar to match your personality best. You will know what will work best for you.

How To Create Your Own Personality Tests

Many of these type of tests mention that they are meant to give you an overview of your personality and basic tendencies. Note the words basic and tendencies . Many euphemisms are often used to say to the client that the test isn't necessarily precise or accurate. But their advertising often suggests the opposite. Again, these people don't MEAN to be deceptive . It's just part of the standard language they have been taught to use. They are usually meaning to be honest and more precise by using such phrasing. As magical entertainers however, we view this phrasing as a powerful tool. Now that you have selected your three cards, read the following descriptions concerning your personality based on these three cards. For sake of clarity (and to simulate real life situations) read only about what these three cards reveal for now. You can read the other descriptions later on, but we don't want you to get confused about your actual results. Okay, read on

You must Escalate When the Time is Right in order to Realize a Successful Seduction

Have you ever heard of the expression 'passive-aggressive' It's a psychotherapy term that describes a technique by which a person can exhibit aggressive or hurtful behavior towards someone not necessarily by doing something to them, but by withholding something from them. You withhold the full expression of your personality in some way give half an effort, drag your feet on the job, give someone 'the silent treatment' -- whatever it takes to inhibit their efforts to accomplish something that requires your cooperation as a way of punishing them. Teenagers are great at doing battle passive-aggressively with their parents, and some women I know have this technology down to an absolute science

Everything is Funnier with Monkeys

All these routines come from Doc's performing repertoire, and consequently they have been molded to fit his performing persona. Since you are not Doc Dixon (and be grateful for small blessings), you will have to structure the routines to fit your personality. Doc has provided enough of the why behind each routine to allow you to do this.

Help Not Sell

Now that is just an example that we made up, so please don't just use it automatically. You must develop your own statement that fits your personality, and style. Thinking about the above example, be aware of course that close-up magic is a phrase that magicians commonly use, but the public may not be familiar with what it means. So it might be better to say, for example

S Female Married

Is this marriage going to last forever and ever and ever My answer to that is probably philosophic as well as psychic, but your husband was attracted to you for what he saw in you at that time your mood, your personality, your manifestations, your idiosyncrasies, those things about you is what your husband was attracted to.

Card Stories

Discovering the proper patter and presentational approach for a routine is very important to me. In fact, it is the one factor which has kept me from performing many of the classics of magic I just can't think of what to say while I'm doing the trick. Far too many magicians simply fall into the habit of telling the audience what they are seeing, and this is a very ineffective use of our words. If you have a problem constructing patter, Ariel has done a lot of the hard work for you. He has created a presentational approach, and has reduced the technical work to a minimum. All you will need to do is to change the words to suit your personality. If your goal is to entertain laymen with a deck of cards, you will find much of value in Card Stories. I recommend it.

S Male Married

I believe that you are self expressive, that pretty much you are able to make your thoughts known to other people. You will be successful in life based on who you are and what you are all about. It's reasonable to say that at your age your personality pretty much has been formed.


There are various methods by which the Magician can determine what the spectators write. In Lesson 29, you were taught the Carbon Method. In this lesson, you learn other methods. You may choose the method which best suits your personality. A performer, however, must be prepared to meet emergencies or varying conditions under which he works. Sometimes you will work with an assistant, sometimes without. Sometimes you will work on a stage, sometimes in a club or parlor. It is therefore necessary that you master several methods of producing Mind Reading Acts so that when occasion arises you are prepared to meet it by switching from one method to another without being detected by your audience.

Norman Cliffe

We are proud to have you with us Eddie, and the magicians of Great Britain are lucky to have the advantage of your pen and your personality resident in this country. I know personally from comments and letters received, they would give a lot in the United States to get him back again.

Your Place In Magic

You have perhaps already found one of the branches you like better than the rest, and will specialize along these lines. Or you may find a combination that appeals to you. It pays to experiment carefully and see from which angle an audience best welcomes you and into which your personality fits best.

The Folder

How does a performer hope to sell himself at a good fee with such a picture DO NOT HAVE YOUR PHOTO MADE WITH A TABLE PILED HIGH WITH APPARATUS. It is not the conglomeration of apparatus that sells you, but WHAT YOU DO WITH IT. You must sell your PERSONALITY. You are a MAGICIAN and not a dealer in hardware or antique furnishings.

Opening Lecture

Ladies and Gentlemen I am here to present a most unusual demonstration on things of the future. I am not a mind reader. I can not tell you how much money you have in your pocket and all that sort of impossible nonsense. My demonstration is merely a scientifically proven theory wherein I make predictions and help people by the aid of the science of the stars and the moon - according to the month you were born, your personality, etc. It is possible for me to reveal to you unusual infomation which may be of great valus to you in your plans, etc. I DO NOT CART, to prove to you that I. am supernatural or feature any int whereby I prove to you that I can tell what your question is without first seeing it since that is not what anyone is really interested in. People are interested in my answers since in the past I have been, able to offer some vc y good and sound advice.


While the deck is being dealt into the facedown piles, the magician has a wonderful opportunity for by-play. I touch up my beard with a portable razor, sing a line or two from The Impossible Dream or There's No Business Like Show Business, and make an imaginary call to Las Vegas to get the morning line on the spectator's chances. Or you might do a drum roll on the table with your fingers. In the light of your personality, play it as it lays. Paul prefers to let the suspense build quietly as the cards are dealt.

My Cup Runneth Over

Mike Scotty York has passed along two new routines that will be of interest to those of you who perform magic in the real world. Scotty is a pro, and everything he releases is designed to be performed in the less than ideal conditions found in restaurants, bars and hospitality suites. Both of these routines include all the patter (which you will want to adapt to fit your personality), all the psychology, and all the thinking that went into their construction. In addition, their technical demands place them well within the reach of the average close-up worker. I highly recommend both of these.

How To Be Yourself

The process required is three-fold firstly, to gain an awareness of your personality secondly, to find out which aspects of it are appropriate to concentrate on for the purposes of performance and thirdly, to tweak those parts like a drama-nipple to make them theatrically rewarding. Resist at any point the temptation to develop characteristics or mannerisms. Your aim is to relax into the part and allow such outward trappings to form unconsciously. When I watch the hcst magical performers and then meet them socially, I am struck by the continuity that exists between their everyday personalities and their performance characters. It is as if they exaggerate themselves a little, and are prepared to have fun with that in a tongue-in-cheek way. When we watch them perform, we sense the richness of their personalities and join in with the character jokes. When Hollingworth apologises for the fact that the last effect may have appeared 'rife with jiggery-pokery,' the expression makes us laugh...

Larry Becker MHF

Your performance was the highlight ofthe evening. The last time I enjoyed a performance as much as yours was when David Copperfield enticed my wife on stage to help him perform for a crowd of5000. Copperfield and my wife blew away the audience, and so did you While your effects are excellent, your personality and dramatic performance ofthose effects are absolutely outstanding It is wonderful to watch the master at work. Thank you again for an inspiring performance, you personify entertain-ment. I look forward to seeing you perform again.


The first video of the series is titled Who Are You and, unfortunately, is slightly mis-titled. Of the fifteen topics covered, only three directly relate to identifying your personality strengths and defining your stage persona. The other topics discussed are useful, but the don't directly relate to the subject. One bit of advice Ms. Spina gives is to hire competent directors, choreographers, and consultants, and in this regard mentions people such as Don Wayne, Jim Steinmeyer, and Andre Kole. While I certainly feel that an act will benefit from the hiring of talented people whose expertise lies in fields outside of magic, I can't imagine the average magician being able to afford the three talented men mentioned above. Near the end of this video Ms. Spina offers some excellent suggestions concerning costuming.

They Are Booking

More than anywhere else, a performer has to be well-liked to be successful in the corporate market. Your personality is your most important asset in succeeding. Unlike the public entertainment arena where success is measured by how well the box office did at your last show or how many people bought your latest DVD, success in the corporate world is usually governed by how well the CEO or a division head likes you If he tells his meeting planners that he wants you at an event, you will be there This may seem to imply that the road to success would be an easier

Three Cards Across

The building of a routine is one of the most fascinating aspects of doing magic with cards. The clever performer always considers his tricks from the viewpoint of the audience and strives to make them more and more entertaining. Your talk, or patter, is an integral part of the routine and should be given as much thought as the mechanics of the trick. In some of the tricks in this book we have sketchily indicated a suitable patter, but if possible you should contrive your own talk, which will then be in keeping with your personality. You will find that as you perform your tricks you will make amusing or showmanly remarks extemporaneously, and you should remember these, if you can, as carefully as you remember the bits of byplay we have mentioned.

S Male Single

You are very inventive, you have an investigative mind, and even now you may not be totally appreciated, by people around you. But I think you are an inventor, a conceiver of ideas, and probably very original. That's why whatever business you do choose to begin, it's going to be original in the sense that it is not going to be common place and it will grow from some inventive ideas that you have. Your personality is quite unique.


Being a seducer means maintaining a set of tools and skills, that allow you to best meet the challenges of your specific situation. Sort of like a Swiss army knife for your personality, so you have a tool for any situation. I can teach you some tools and point you to where you can learn others. What I can't do is give you some love potion that will instantly make anybody love you. So if that's what you're looking for, then you should leave now.

Little Gifts

The SECRET to getting in with a woman is this. BE TALKATIVE. That's it. If you have SO MUCH to talk about and you bombard them with lots of fun and interesting shit (where you show humor and opinion and passion) you get to convey your personality. Thing is, a talkative person gets WAY more lay than one who doesn't. So the SECRET is to put yourself into a talkative MOOD. Ever been in one I was talkative today and I tell you it WORKS. I thought about it and honestly, looking back to all the chicks I got, I got them because I was really talkative. I just yakked their ear off. Then after I saw the body language was all positive I would come out of the blue and say, Would you like to kiss me That was it. I would talk passionately about something. And TALK and TALK. I wouldn't talk about THEM. I wouldn't ask questions. We always say we should get them to talk. I say not right away. If they join into what you are yakking off about great but if not, who cares. they can listen to you. after...


You will spend hours looking for The line of sexual attraction' or some other excitingly named line to discover that you just don't have one. Books will tell you there are four 'mounts' running along the top of the palm (bits that stick up). Many people just have three mounts but books never tell you how decide which three you have and therefore which part of your personality is sadly lacking.

Teenager Male

I don't think you are going to have 12 or 13 different jobs. Your personality indicates that you are not going to be fired or laid off. You will make substantial money in your life, but all of your work-related progress really should be towards owning your own business at some point in time.