Thought Transmission

HAVING DISCUSSED TWO rests using magazines and newspapers, let s eliminate these visual aids and try something using only mentally selected words and images.

This one makes me smile!

EFFECT: Someone thinks of any word, jots it on a blank business card and seals it in an opaque envelope. Another person docs the same, but instead of a word, he draws a simple picture on his card. During all tills, the performer turns away.

He now gpes into action, getting impressions. He first divines the dwughi-of word, then proceeds to duplicate die drawing.

.All items arc left on the table, should anyone wish to look at them.

Method and prestation: You 3re seated at a table, with a spectator on cidier side of you. Inside each of your side coat pockets you have a manila pay-envelope. One of these envelopes is nail-nicked or otherwise subrley marked, to allow you to tell them apart- Each envelope holds a business card,

• Theater of the Mind blank on borh sides, and rhe Haps of the envelopes are tucked ill rather chan sealed. You will also need a pen.

You first address die person on your left. \X/fc shall call her Pamela. "Pamela, I want you to think of a word you might hive written on the blackboard when your u>ere ten yean old "

Take die envelope from your right pocket and pull out the blank card, casually letting both sides be seen as you talk. Then reinsert rhe card into the envelope, leaving almost half of it protruding. Lay the card and envelope on the table and slide them over to Pamela. Handing her the pen, say, "Please rake this and write rhe word in your mind on the card '' Trace the rip of your index finger across the exposed rop end of the card. "Ill turn away while you do that" ilie result is as in Figure 1.

While she follows your instructions, turn your 1 ---

back and casually take rhe second envelope from your left pocket, gripping it in classic palm as you would a playing card. In a few moments say, "J lave your written your word? Good Now push the card down into the envelope and tuck in the flap. "

When she has finished, turn back to her and use your right hand to take her envelope. Transfer it to your left hand, where you take it by its sides, fingertips on the right, thumb on the left. Keep your left hand turned somewhat inward to conceal die palmed envelope there.

"Now, Pamela, please hand the pen to David.M David is our spectator on the right.

As the pen passes across you. rhere will be sufficient misdirection for you to bring your hands togedier momentarily, and during that brief moment, you execute the Hellis switch [p. 27}.

Casually drop Pamelas assumed envelope (actually die unused one) onto the rable and turn to David. "David I want you to think of a simple drawing— sometlymgyou might have done when you were a little hoy Draw something you might have drawn when you were ten.*

As you say this, pretend to remove the envelope you have palmed in your right hand from your right-side coat pocket. Turn this envelope seam-side down (and die card inside writing-side down), then open the flap and pull the card completely from the envelope. Hold up die card briefly, displaying its blank side while you read Pamelas word on the reverse. Then slip the card



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