Thfatfr of the Mind

holding cach woman's liand by h:s side, he stairs slowly ro his hands and theirs slowly. I lis eves arc shut as he counts out loud. "Zero, one;, two, time,four, five, six, seven, tight, nine. Speaking disdncdy he lifts the hands until they reach shoulder height as he says, "Nine." . _

.He opens his eyes. "Joan, do not say a thing or show any reaction, please. "Mary what number do you sense?" "Three," she says.

"Tiyreeisyour number. "The performer looks intendy and nods to another man in the audience who stands.

Ihe same procedure is repeated. The hands are lowered. The performers eyes are shut and the numbers zero to nine are called. Nine is the next number received by Mary, and another man is requested to stand.

"Please open your eyes. Relax. Lets now try a very demanding stunt. "Joan* open tlx bill You will see the serial number has a letter printed at its beginning and another Utter at its end Take your time and select either one. Do you have one? Lets gyve tliis another try "

The women dose their eyes. "1 he performer doses his and holds their hands. Once again he raises his hands and theirs as he recites—but diis time it is the alphabet. He starts with H B, C... "and concludcs with * ..X Y> Z" His hands arc above liis head when he finishes. ''Mary what letter have you received?" uHr she says. <sYou, sir; are a standing H. 11 Now its lime to see how weli weve done.

"joany open the bill come to the ?nicrophone and read the first six numbers— stop before the last two. Do it slowly.

"Gentlemen, you know your job. Demonstrate a perfect hir by sitting down, and a miss by remaining standing.w

Joan reads the first six numbers and the men in turn take dieir sears. The performer stops die applause and says, "I told you what I did was modest. But if these two women bttse been able to transmit complicated information without physical contact, I want everyone in this room to demonstrate how much you appreciate tlyeir effort by giving them such a thunderous ova turn thatP if we had chandeliers in the room, they would be swinging.

'What are the last two numbers?"Dramatic pause.

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