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Next procure some very thin monofilament line. Mile best.I've found is four-pound line that I bought in a store catering to fly-fishers. This line is not usually found in a sports shop.

Tie one end of the line several times making a large knot that eannot pass through the holes in your glass. Then thread the unknotted end of the line through the single hole, across the diameter of the glass, out one of die two side-by-side holes, then in again through the adjacent hole (Figure 2). Pull the line taut and tic several overhand knots in the free end, pushing them together and working them snug against the inside of the glass.

Carehilly fill all three holes with a riny amount of waterproof glue. When the glue is completely dry, £11 the glass with water to make sure the holes don t leak. Then dip off the ends of the line near the knots.

^ You now need to put a slight bit of preparation into the spoon. Cut a small notch measuring about three-eighths of an inch into a long-handled wooden cooking spoon, about two inches from the end of die handle. Make this notch by first cutting obliquely into the handle, then making a second cut to meet the first, this one nearly perpendicular to the handle (Figure 3). You may wish to put another notch or two in the liandle to make them look like decorations. IVe never found it necessary.

W'Tien the spectator fills the glass to a level near the rim, you can gendy stir the water above the transparent line, using the end of die spoon handle. And when it comes time to suspend the glass, .simply lower die end of the handle and catch the line on the notdi. ilie glass ofwater will now hang from the spoon in a way that looks inexplicable (Figure 4, next page). The weight of the filled ghss assures that the line will remain engaged on the slightly pitched ledge of the notdi. Yet, when the time comes, if you support the bottom of the glass on your open hand and give the spoon a slight twist, it will disengage from the line effortlessly.

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