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will call Clyair Two. And the ilrird is Chair Three. ' The. obviousness of these statements generally draws laughter from the audience. *I"he performer invites a woman 011 stage to be a mind reader and hands her diree file folders. They are closed and appear identical,.

tcEach folder has a different message. Please don I look at the messages. Instead, hold one up oral decide which chair you wish to place it on. Place one of the two remaining folders on one of the other chairs. Put the third one down on the retraining chair. "As she does this the performer turns away; standing behind the chairs and to the right of them.

"Now, as a mind reader■ please quickly select three men to help you. Point to them quickly and have them come on stage. Thank you, gentlemen.v .

To die woman: "Do you want to change your folders arouruii Go ahead if you like. Good. Now would you hand each of your helpers one of these file cards."

lo the men: "Pleasedon't readyour message. Keep it tiriting-sidedown. Have you done that? Good'Now will you take any seat you like. Good. If you wish you can switch cards. You may switch seats, too, if you tike. "How are they doing Mind Reader?

"Three men have each freely selected a clyair. Our mind reader has made a prediction by placing secret messages on each chair. Ist's see how well she has done.

'Gentlemen, for the first time 1 want each of you to readyour particular menage lo yourself. Clyair One, / want you to read the message for Chair One and memorize it. Chair Two, read the message for Chair Two and remember it* Andy of course. Chair Ihree> read Clyair Threes message. Have you memorized your messages?" ^Mitn they have, the woman assistant collects their cards.

"Mind Reader, are you ready for the moment of truth? Gentlemen, are you ready for your big line? Good

"Gentlemen, please stand Chair One, tell us your message. K ""A pig in the box. ' "Say that again." JA pig in die box."

"Strange message Open your folder and hold it up for everyone to see." When he docs this, laughter and applause comes from rhe audience» as there is a large picture of a pig ill a canon, floating in a pond. "Chair Two, recite your message. * ''Have a Coke." "Once more?" "Have a Coke."

7 )ont mind if Ida. Open yowrfolder. "Inside [here is a picture of a boule ofCoca-Cola. •

• "Chair Three, you arr theodd man out What is your message?"

•'The best organization in the whole world." He opens his folder, and theift in large letters, is the name of the organization for which you are performing—and they applaud.

You thank your assistants and ask your apprentice mind reader how she • did it." More applause.

mhthod: You need to make up two things in advance: the folders and the message cards.

The folders arc nine by eleven inch file folders, and must be identifiable as 1,2 and 3> so diat any possible sequence of the folders can be easily noted as you glance at the scats. 1 use file folders that have tabs at different positions. However, you could use a colored spot or simply number the folders. Inside them you glue Urge pictures, visible fVom some ^stance and appro-priare to the messages on your cards; or rather, you find ^ood pictures, from magazines or company literature, then compose messages to suit them.

Because there are six possible seating combinations (1-2-3, 1-3-2, 2—3—1 > 2-1-3,3-1-2,3-2-1), you will need six sets of three cards to give to the male assistants. In performance the audience will only be aware of one set of cards. These cards need only be made once.

Each set consists of three cards made from three-by-five-inch file cards. Each card bears the same text as its companions in the set. The cunning part is that each card contains three messages. But your patter about Chair One. Chair Two and Chair Three makes each man focus on his own message. This is, in feet, what you tell them to do. Furthermore, you ask them to stand and memorize their own message. They will be a little excited and ill at ease in front of a group. They want to do the right thing, and from their point of view there is no chicanery. They merely memorize and recite the appropriate message. Because of this, your instructions must be very dear:

"Gentlemen, for the first time I uant each of you to read your particular message to yourself. Chair One, I want you to react ilye message for Chair One and memorize it. Chair Two, read the message for Chair Two and remember it. And, of course, Chair Three. read Chair Threes message. Have you memorized your messagesV

The chart on die next page shows a complete set of message cards. As you prepare them, you wall see dut the messages follow an obvious pattern. Of course, you will want to substitute your own messages for the ones used in this example.


Set L Folder 1 = Chair 1 Folder 2 = Chair 2 . Folder 3 = Chair 3

Chair 1 : UÂ pig in the box* Chair 2: "Have a Coke"

Chair 3: "Best organization in the world'*

Set 2: Folder 1 = Chair 1 Folder 3 = Chair 2 Folder 2 = Chair 3

Chair 2: "Best organization in the world5'

Chair 3: "1 lave a Coke"

Set 3: Folder 2 = Chair 1 Folder 3 = Chair 2 Folder 1 = Chair 3 Chair 1 : "Have a Coke* Chair 2: "Best organization in the world" Chair 3: MA pig in the box"

Set 4: Folder 2 = Chair I Folder I = Chair 2 Folder 3 = Chair 3 Chair 1 : "Have a Coke" Chair 2: *A pig in the box" Chair 3:14Best organization in die world '

Set 5: Folder 3 = Chair I Folder 1 = Chair 2 Folder 2 = Chair 3

Chair 1: *Bcst organization in the world" Chair 2: MA pig in the box" Chair 3: "Have a Coke"

Set 6: Folder 3 = Chair 1 Folder 2 = Chair 2 Folder 1 = Chair 3

Chair 1: "Best organization in the world" Chair 2: "Have a Coke Chair 3: "A pig in the box"

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