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Begin by bottom palming rhc cards you have just rhumb counted, concealing them in your left hand. There is plenty of cover for getting them rhcre § dining the preceding activities, when all attention has been focused on the assistants. Discard the remainder ot your packet somewhere (on a side table* in your coat pocket) as you approach your three helpers on stage.

Co to die man holding die wrong color,Jxu address^11 your remarks co che person possessing the corrcct cards. Say, 7*ick up thrtard>!'"Illusttate by taking die packet from the person nearest \*nu, grasping it by its ends in your palm-down right hand. Then transfer the packet to your left fingertips momentarily gripping it by its sides as you pretend to square it You are now in position to execute the j-~

Hcllis switch (see p. 27). Proceed to switch the packers. However, as your right hand . grasps the left hand's palmed packet by its sides (Figure 1) and brings it into view, immediately take the right end of die packet into the fork of your left thumb (Figure 2) and fan the cards, faces toward the audience {Figure 3).

The switch works in this context because, throughout, your attention is on the other spectator, who is supposedly following your instructions with his own packet, which he .shows nrst. I cannot praise too much the deccptiveness of rhc Hellis switch in this situation. Fred Robinson once told me he thought slcight-of-h.ind was really a more powerful weapon to mental-¡¿ts than to magicians. Why? Because no one considers sleight-ot-hand within the context of a mental effect!


While your left hand displays rhc ton, the right can casually go to the pocket and ditch the cards it holds. AkeimrivdjUfiris within'reach> you may pick up die pack and add rhc palmed cards sccrcdy to it. Your work is done and the trick accomplished.

While 1 used this procedure for many years, IVe recently eliminated all palming by replacing die Hellis switch with Anncmanns Jinx switch. Here is how it is handled. After thumb counting the approximate number of black cards> you catch a left litde-nnger break above them. Now step up to the person holding the "wrong" packet and take it from him in tout right hand. Casually and smoothly set it .square onto the left hands packet as you arc instructing the person who has the "right * packet, always looking a; him in a helpful way. Almost immediately use your right hand to lift off all die cards above the break and drop them openly into a pocket. This leaves your widi the needed packet of black cards in your left hand The switch is both bold and illogical in its action, but time has proven it again and again to be extremely deceptive when done on the oflbcat.

Occasionally 1 need to perform in circumstances where I do not have a stripper pack with me, or it may not be the best option. Ill such situations I will use cheap airline cards or the like. I try to get two packs and put all die red cards in one and all the black cards in the other. Before starting 1 place about twelve of the black cards in my left-side coat pocker, ready to steal.

In this case, 1 can hand the all-red pack to «someone to shuffie> then carry on with die procedure as described. There is now no need to separate the colors. It is only necessary to watch how many cards should be black and palm approximately that number from the pocket.

After the switch, I spin each black card far intn the audience while calling, "Black, black black black... then rake the spectators red packet and spring it between my index finger and rhumb, shooting the cards into the audience. No one ever notices that some may be duplicates. Admittedly, using a deck of all red cards Is bold, but it works and it gives a very clean look to the effect.

For a completely off-the-cuff performance, it is possible to use a variant on U. F. Grant's uNu Out of UTiis World." Fan the cards toward your-self and pull out a red one, asking the helper if it is red or black. Whatever the answer, place it down in die appropriate pile without exposing its face. Keep doing thus until you have two piles of reasonable si7xr. If you take all the cards from the same end of the pack, you will be left with a run of blacks to switch for rhc ' wrong' pile of red cards.

^ Summer 1990

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