Ramie Richardson

' Remember, each set consists of three identical cards. The six sets of cards are paper clipped to a file folder (Figure 1}, which is closed and placed inside another, somewhat larger folder. This hides the paper dips and yet access to die appropriate set of cards is easy and surefire. Simply keep this folder open on your podium or table. Of course you could also carry each set in a different pocket, in a pocket index, or have them organized and ready to grab in a ale box on your table. .

That's it. All you have to do is follow the presentation oudined above, note the sequence of the folders on the chairs and pull out the appropriate set of index cards. Because all die cards in the set are identical, it doesn't matter which spectator gets which card. No matter how they order themselves or how often they change cards, the message read by each will matdi the picture in the folder on the chair he occupies.

October 1979

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