Y LIFE ON this earth would have been much different and probably less joyful ¡f my father, Tyrrell Richardson, had not patiently taught mc at age six my first conjuring sleight, chc French drop. I subsequently discovered the surprise and delight 1 could give to my sisters, Jessica and Laurel, and to others with the mysterious vaporization of a copper penny. I was smitten. T srill am.

I grew up ro become a college professor and administrator. During the forcy years I've spent at chat profession I've always had a lot of discretion* ary time and flexibility in academic work, and I've devoted much of that free time ro my twin passions, magic and mentaJLsm.

My performance of rhese arcane arts has evolved over chc years. In die 1970s I developed a mind-reading act called "The Magic of Your Mind." The program proved popular and soon I found myself performing a hundred shows a year, half of them from Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.

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