Pencil Pusher

AS I'Vt JUST mentioned in the preceding introduction, over twenty-five years ago this simple demonstration caused a stir in The Marborough Pub, the convening spot for magicians on Monday nights in days when the Magic Circle was in Chenies Mews.

Fred Robinson was so taken by the impact of the effect, he referred to the excitement it generated in Pabular When this trick was published there in 1977, the method was made clear but the presentation was abbreviated. I've remedied thar drawback here.

This can be done for one person, a small group or on the platform. The effect is of the son in which the expression and behavior of the helper plays a large part in making this an extraordinary experience.

EFFECT AND PRESENTATION': 7 need a volunteer. Ideally I would like to have a woman wfyo has had natural childbirth training. If not, I would like a woman who has a vivid imagination. The experiment will he enjoyable and the helper will receive a special prize.

"Thank you, Barbara. Will you stand here? Do me a favor and took this yellow pencil over. Its quite ordinary isn t it?

uYou have agood imagination, and Irngoing to call on your gifts in a moment to demonstrate the powers we all have.

uPlease ignore tlx audience. Forget they are here. Folloto my instructums and concentrate on the images 1 will give you in a ?noment."

• " Ramie Richardson

'fhe performer places the pcncil on his open left hand, with the eraser pointing to his right. The spectator is standing at the performers right

"lake your left hand and grip the pencil palm up between your thumb and first finger. Good1 Now relax and shut your eyes.

"Relax. Listen to my instructions. Barbara* I want you to be successful Use your pnrnense creativity to imagine that the pencil that you are gripping is not a pencil Imagine, it is a metal bar. The metal is from another planet. It is a hundred times more dense than iron. The pencil you art holding must weigh thirty pounds, not one ounce. Can you imagine ihist Don't open your eyes. Keep the image in your mind aTry now to lift the thirty-pound object [Dramatically] You cant lift it Itis too dense. Your mind sees it, senses it. It is getting even heavier. Try a little harder!

uYou cant lift it Keep your eyes closed Say out loud to the audience, I cant lift thepencil".

She says with emotion, 4<I cant lift the pencil!* ^

"Relax. The others aren't sure what is happening. Since your eyes are closed you may think I'm stopping the pencil in some way Try—remember—you believe it is thirty pounds. Now open your eyes. "She does.

Her hand may be shaking. The pcncil is there, openly on the performers hand. There is nothing constraining it. Her face shows wonder.

"Please close your eyes again. Let's change the image. The pencil is now not thinypounds; instead it is as light as a butterfly Use your mtnd. Release the weight. There is a butterfly weight in your band. Lift. "She does.

"Higher! Make it float up tike a butterfly "She does.

"Open your eyes and take a how."

The audience applauds.

"Barbara, your special gift is the pencil in your hand. Please keep it. I hope it will remind you of the powers you haz>e."

METHOD: There is little to it. The idea is quite old. Carnival workers had a stunt where a volunteer foiled to lift a three-foot cane (holding one end) from a chair or a table. The cane was slipped under a thin wire on the stool. Physics did the rest.

The gimmick is the same one explained in the previous trick. You have a single loop of invisible sewing thread, this rime around your left third finger. 'Jlie principle is the same as that of the carnivals magnetized cane: You push the pencil point forward through the loop. It should be a tight fit and ¿he pencil is turned on the left hand so that it lying across the roots of the fingers

Theater of the Mind

. (figure 1). Curl your forefinger over the tip of the pencil, to hold it in place until the spectator grasps die opposite end. When she lifts with her left fingers only (without raising her arm), the thread is strong enough that sustained pressure will not break it.

When she looks at the pencil, there is nothing to see. Furthermore, her vision is a litde blurry after havingher eyes dosed.

The audience and spectator see this as a fair and honest of autosuggestion or mind controL

You conclude by openly sliding the pencil out of the loop as you talk about the image of the butterfly. Reposition the pencil as it was before—but now free of the loop. With your right hand, touch the woman's left elbow and assist her at first in lifting the pencil. That's it.

1 have done this on a platform for ballroom crowds. It plays large. It is also a good stunt for sales meetings or for use in a motivational speech.

Hit Elbow And Still Hurts

November 1977

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Fundamentals of Magick

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