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PRODUCING A GLASS of water is an old favorite of street buskers. Around twenty years ago, Pat Page astounded me with his version of it when he removed his jacket and. as his arm emerged from the sleeve, there was a glass of water in his hand. Where had it come from? Later, Eric Mason taught me Ills own approach to the trick, using a tall narrow wine bottle.

Over the past seventeen years I have used the trick as an opener. Tr may seem an odd inclusion for a mentaiist, bur versions of the glass of water production have been used by Dunninger* Kreskin and Richard Osterlind as a warm-up for their mental acts. Fve presented ir for groups of fewer than thirty and to gatherings of more than a thousand. As an attention-getter or as a magical surprise at the start of my mental act, ir i.s difficult to beat. IVe designed it to create immediate contact with the audience and to get die whole room reacting in die desired fashion. Best ofallf as I usually perform it, diere are no special props and the trick can be done nearly impromptu.

EFFFXT AND PRESENTATION": Alter being introduced, the performer delivers the following speech in 3 tongue-in-cheek manner.

'I hair to confess something. Iam really thin skinned I need lot* of affirmation and I never seem to get enough. This must be a weakness, but my feelings ┬┐if? easily hurt, Do you know what? You have hurt my feelings. 77;r applause was so modest. lm used to ovations. "Here some people may s tan to clap politely. The performer holds up his hand to stop this applause.

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