Tl IE I:OLLOWKG DEMONSTRATION was developed for luncheon programs, specifically with women in mind. Women arc tar more inclined to accept the power of in tuition than inen.'1 lie routine makes use of old ideas, but the end result is a ten-minute demonstration, virilizingsevenü audience members, that is entertaining and perplexing.

En ter AND PRF5FJWTÄ1 ION: The performer asks die audience how many have pkyed Scrabble and displays a small plastic bag containing numerous Scrabble tiles.

He asks a spectator to remove a handful of tiles from the bag. then to call out the letters on diem as ¿he drops them one by one back into rhe bag. This simple act demonstrates that the riles besr a variety oflerters.

She is now handed die bag and asked to rake i: to the back of die room and have another member of die audience remove a small handful of riles. This person is instructed to allow all but one of rhe tiles to dribble buck into rhe bag. The letter on the remaining tile is memorized and tossed back into rhe bag with the rest. This is repeated with two other audicnce members, crc-aringa group of three people, each thinking of a random letter of the alphabet.

The performer cakes back the bag and asks another person to remove a handful of tiles and hold them in her clenched fist. He also roaches in and

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