Fooled linstoin

What follows is my presentation and handling for a trick John Northern Hilliard claims 'cannot be much over twelve thousand years old." (Greater Magic, p. 157.) While Hilliard s statement is couched in poetic hyperbole, it ieems the trick Is indeed venerable Edward Victor, two years earlier, described a less deceptive presentation of it using matches (Magic of the Hands, p. 114), and mentions that44It is based on a similar effect widi coins, which I have m?de use of for a considerable number of years/ And two years before Victor, Pad Stadelman, in Sandu Writes Again (p. 4), gave the superior presentation now mos too minor, ly cm ployed. Stadelman used playing cards rather than coins or marches, and explained a clever sequel by R. \V. Hull, which Hilliard includes in Greater Afagic without knowing its origin. And of course, A1 Koran made great use of the effect, calling it "Jackpot Coins.'*'

Koran presented the trick as a one-minute intedude. Ive routined it into a seven-minute presentation filled with drama, suspense and puzzlement. I do this by making an experience of Albert Ein^teins the reason for presenting the piece. Ivc also added a second phase diat will puzzle anyone familiar with the original method

What follow* is an abbreviated presentation. For those who wish to develop their own Einstein patter, 1 recommend reading some of the recent biographies on this fascinating man.

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