Barrir Richardson

. "jVmk this is importai Do you want our number to be eight hundred a>ui seventy or seven hundred.and eighty? Seven hundred and eighty. Good!'

Turning to one of the women, he says» "Wouldyou open rhe book to page ieven hundred and eighty? Examine the page. All the numbers are different, as you lùouul expect—right?

■ . "ATow we can move on; You, sin do you want us to stay on page seven hundred and eighty or would you prefer that we move to page seven hundred and eighty-one, seven hundred and eighty-two. seven hundred and eighty-three, etc:? Seven hundred and eighty-five? Right!

"Okay please turn to page seven hundred and eighty-jh*. All rhe numbers are different, right?

¿\W we have selected a single pige in a fashion that, seetns honest and fair. Several people were involved in dye choice and if anyone suspects collusion, I will happily change the page. There are no prcarrangement, and none of the people involved are cj nfederates. \

"Next we u>ill select one number on that page and edth ofthese women will liaveadtfjrretitjobtoda. "The performer moves back ro the podium and stands in front of die open book, lacing the audience, between the women.

*You> Janer. will be the recorder. Heref a pen and noteptid Ilelen, you will be d.*e selector.

V wish we could lyave closed circuit television. so that you could all see exactly hou- the selection happens. T think that you trust my helpers and as we progress, there should be no doubt that what is happening is absolutely fair. / invite you to question either of my helpers afterward or, if you like, you can inspect the telephone book a fur my performance.

"''Nosh on with rhe selection/"

Helen stands 011 the performers right, Janet on his left.

11 Helen, please put out your forefinger and place it on top of the page Good Now cluse your eyes. In a few seconds I will ask you to move, your finger slowly down ti:e page. I want you to move it very slowfy: Pretend that you rfingernail is a tiny ant—an inebriated ant—and it is moving across a molasses-coated road! Close your eyes and move your finger slowly.

"You, sir; teiilyer to stop whenever you like, "iliere is silence until the man in the audience calls stop.

"Helen'sfinger is on a number Do you want her ro move it up a bit, down a bit or stay where she is? You want her to move down? Fine! Slowly move again, Helen. 'Tell her when to stopr Onoc everyone is satisfied with the choice, che performer asks the woman who is acting as recorder, "Did I touch Helen?"

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