Barrie Richardson

''And what object doyou hold? "he asks the woman. She holds a gold ring.

The performer immediately opens the folder and inscruccs rhe woman who held it to re.ttl rhe message it contains: WI TEN THE PERSON ON MY LEFI DHCIDFS TO I'ICK UP A COLD KING, TH? WAX ON MY RIGHT WILL RAN-


MbTHOD: The impact on the audience is much greater than the simple method used would seem to warrant. When rhe objects are collected from the audience, if there is no gold ring (a common item), you secredy add one.

Then you simply watch from rhe corner of your eye until the spectator picks up the ring! Its at that point that you dramatically call, "Stop.11

The message in the folder is written in advance, leaving a space to insert die selected imaginary letter, which you fill in with a swarrri writer. I use a thumb tip with 3 piece of grease-pencil lead mounted to it. While this may seem cumbersome at first, it is well hidden behind the folder and you have litde to write. A Boon writer or bandwritcr that holds crayon or grease pencil can aLvo be used. Of course, you have written the message on the folder in die same colored crayon or grease pencil.

You fill in the missing letter while you hold the open folder for your helper to read die message. Do this as she nervously concentrates on reading the first line. Filling in a single letter takes only a moment. If you don:t hesitate you can do it right under her nose and she won't set a thing.

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