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florists day (Figure l).The length of the I' thread depends on your size and posture, and will need to be determined by trial. and .error, once you understand what is required in performance.

You must have a sate wav of carry-ing around the prepared thread, so that it doesn't tangle. I normally wear a shirt with a breast pocket. Into this pocket I 2~ drop the burton end of the gimmick. The waxed end I suck to a shirt button. Experience has shown that the thread may be kept like this for many hours, yet ahvays be ready to use.

Some time prior to actual performance, obtain the button from your pocket and place it into your mouth. It can be trapped by one comer of the lips, as shown in Figure 2, without interfering with normal speech. Next, with your left middle finger, secretly scrape the waxed end off the shirt button, socking it under or onto that fingers nail.

You begin the performance by taking a paper napkin or tissue and folding it in half Then fold it in half the other way. around the length of the thread. Position the napkin on your left palm, with the second fold lying paralld with the length of your fourth finger {Figure 3). As you can see, the thread runs through this fold in the tissue, roughly parallel with it

By now the working is obvious. The spectator can hold your wrist and can wave her other hand over the paper (Figure 4). Using only the slightest of head movements, vou will find you can pull the thread taut. This will cause the tissue to open bookwise in an eerie fashion. Let it tremble slighdy at first, making one or two false starts; then finally let it unfold.

The secret here is that the thread is not where people would be looking for one. It runs from north to south, while the paper unfolds from cast to west. Also it pushes the tissue upward, while threads and strings arc intuitrvdy

for pulling. The lady holding your wrist is misleading too» as her presence seems co preclude die possibility of anything running in that direction—which, in fact, is just what it does!

You will need a bit of nerve when you first try this on people, hut once you get used to it and realize that dicy don't see the modus operandi, your conndencc will develop quickly.

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