Barpjl Richardson

What you now sjy is.very ^ important. "I ask if>atyou watch very, closely because we want a completely random selection. Please do. not allow me to influence your choice iri any way " Turn your head and. holding • rhe facc of the pack almost at eye level to the spectator, riffle your left thumb down the upper left corner, saving, uPlease tell me to stop anytime you wish. "When stop is called keep your head turned away as you ask, bail I move on or start again?' Make sure the choice is perceived as perfectly fair, because it is.

Still keeping your head nirncd away, use your right hand to lift all the cards above vour left thumb a Irw inches, and in a deliberate and obviously fair fashion, show rhc facc of rhe packet to the spectator, asking him to con-ccntrate on the card and remember it.

'I*he timing of the follows actions is of die utmost importance, because you are now about to glimpse the card in the mirror.

Still keeping your left hand .it chest height and the races of the packets toward the spectator, replace the right hand's packer onto the lefts, but downjogged about two inches. During rhis action say, "WillyoupUase concentrate on the color of your card. "As you say, "your curd, "turn your head back toward the spectator. At this point rhe two sections of the pack should be coming together with the selection clearly visible in die mirror (Figure 3). The

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