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Diagram : Showing the spacing of words in the prediction and written so that the 44 fact" space is conveniently situated and in place for the window envelope.

The card size is 3f" x 2g".

The fact is written in letters, or numerals equal in size to the rest of the writing.

The writing is badly done to offset the like writing with the Swami Gimmick.

The next essential in the preparation of the prediction is to use a pencil which has the same lead as your Swami and which writes with the same thickness of letters. You should keep one pencil especially for this purpose. I always round the tip of the Swami lead and the pencil by rubbing on fine glass paper or, in an emergency, using a nail file. The pencil and the swami lead should be soft. Medium H.B. is not enough and although soft pencils have thick leads—it is worth the trouble to file down a small piece of soft lead for the swami. I recommend a 2 or 3 B. Lead. This writes thick and black, moves easily across the surface of the card and being soft—makes no scratching noise. A round tip to the lead is better than a point or sharp cut off finish. Conrad Haden in America can supply De Luxe Swami Gimmicks which have special soft/black leads with machined leads. The type mentioned can be obtained in this country from dealers who stock the American varieties. You will appreciate the importance of having a pencil to write the prediction that is of the same class as your swami lead.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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