The Application Of The Mnemonic Number Code

(1) When performing "lightning calculations" instead of trying to overburden the mind with numerous sub-totals, convert them to a word which can be quickly brought to mind when required.

(2) For "telephone" tricks—have a number written by a spectator; convert this into a word which will pass as a name. Send the spectator to telephone your medium and tell them what name to ask for. When the medium hears what name you have called her—she immediately knows the number chosen. The friend or medium can have a written copy of the system ready to work it out. A clever application of this principle, that is, using the Feinaigle System in reverse making numbers indicate letters, will be found in a fine book, "Magical Ways and Means" by A1 Bakef—the effect is called "The Celebrity Feat".

(3) The performer works with an assistant. The latter is seated and blindfolded. On a blackboard are written about two dozen numbers—with at least one of each from 1 to 9 (and "0" included). The performer takes a stick, says nothing but points to a number, the assistant calls it out. He then begins to point in rapid succession to various numbers— and each time the assistant calls out the correct one. On one occasion he points to part of the blackboard that is blank. The assistant calls out "there is nothing there!" In the course of about two minutes— the assistant has called out perhaps fifty to one hundred numbers accurately. This is very impressive. To conclude, the performer points

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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