Section Three Modesty And Mentalism Mixed

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You have come thi$ far through the subject of Swami Gimmicks or trickery at writing and must therefore be interested. It is now my intention to give you a very brief idea of what can be done in the field of trick writing (TO GIVE YOU ENCOURAGEMENT) and to tell what others have achieved (TO KEEP YOU MODEST). Whenever you feel you are the world's greatest trick-writer—come back to this paragraph and see how you compare with :

SLADE.—Inventor of spirit slate writing. Who could write on slate with chalk with his feet (both) or his mouth. Who could write a letter back to front to be read in a mirror—and write it as fast as you could dictate it.

MADAM DISS DEBAR.—Exponent at spirit writing and spirit painting.

Who outwitted the famous magician Carl Hertz in Court when she was being 44 exposed • DEBAR was able to draw a picture in colour with her feet in secrecy and could use both hands writing something different at the SAME TIME.

CARL FRANKS : Who is still alive can write with a swami on either hand, write neatly and write full sentences. He is the only person I kndw of that can use the method of writing in the shoe by having a gimmick on his toe.

KEELER—Described as the Greatest Living King of Slate Writers. •Wrote legibly on a slate or with pencil on paper held behind his back— with his hands tied. Wrote messages backwards for mirror reading—and did them in the dark—and last but not least, CHUNG LING SOO who used a Swami extensively and mentions it in his book 44 Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena" Published in 1898.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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