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The Mentalist borrows a pack of cards and has them mixed. He takes them back and then ribbon spreads them face upwards on the table or floor. In doing so, an effort is made to display every index. He explains that with a certain amount of training it is possible to memorise the position of every card in the pack—and that when in form, it should take no more than half a minute to do so! Beginning from one end of the spread he moves his finger along the row appearing, to all intents and purposes, to memorise the cards as he goes. Having studied the position of each card in the spread, he picks them up and asks anybody to name a card. As soon as a card is named, he ponders for a fraction of a minute and then declares its exact position in the pack. Suppose it to be the Four of Hearts—he might say 44 Twenty four " and then counts to the twenty-fourth card and removes it to show it to be the Four of Hearts. The effect may now be repeated with a few more cards— and if need be, the pack can be shuffled again and re-memorised as many times as you wish.

The Method. After the cards have been shuffled and spread face up, all you have to do is to note the first card in the spread. (Top card of the pack when assembled). Whatever number is called—name the top card. Next count very slowly and deliberately to the chosen number. Suppose it is ten; you hold the pack face down and slowly count nine cards from hand to hand— keeping them in order as you go. When you get to ten you remove that card and drop it on top of the pack. As you do this, turn to the spectator and say 44 I said ten—and you said 4 Three of hearts ' " and, as you name the card, double lift from the top and display the Three of hearts which was the top card! Principally, that is all there is to it—but the trick deserves the introduction of a finesse or two, so change the method of intrpducing the top card as much as your personal ability will allow. For example, other changes could be accomplished by the Top Change, Mexican Tiifnover, Curry Turnover or Guyatt Exchange (See page 317). \

Should you be one of those unlucky people that find all card sleights a problem—then moisten the back of the top card with saliva before you start the count and then you can push off two as one without even doing a Double Lift.

If you propose to do the trick three or four times running it is a simple matter to find out what card is next to the top. Do it once and when you reach the chosen position, remove that card and look at it—then misname it for the one you gave them and proceed as normal. The one that you have just seen will be the next card to name for the call and so it progresses.


The principle of this effect I have already used in two other items both of which have received quite a bit of attention. Basically I draw the mechanics from my 44 Khan Slate Test " which is a marketed E.S.P. effect and therefore cannot be described here.

In this trick, which can be for stage or drawing room—we have a spectator select ten Alphabet Cards (Lexicon Cards will do) and then arrange them into any order he likes without seeing the faces for the moment. When the cards are shown it is seen that the spectator has managed to choose ten cards that make up a word, and that they have arranged them in the right order to spell44 INCREDIBLE "—but to top it all, you show a slate which predicts the chosen word—and .chalked in bold letters is the word 44 Incredible."

If you study the plot you will observe that it is composed of three impossibilities! First it is phenomenal that out of some fifty cards, the ten that can be used to spell " Incredible " are selected. Next it is remarkable that the spectator should manage to arrange them in order without seeing their faces, and at the close your Prediction. The effect is therefore reinforced from all points of view, and you will be pleased to learn that the working is absurdly simple although you will have to go to the trouble of making a simple fake slate.



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Understanding Mind Control

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