Quick Calculations Mental Arithmetic

There are several methods whereby the Mentalist can render an impressive demonstration of his ability by a show of rapid calculations. The business of mentally squaring or cubing a number, or extracting the square or cube root can cause quite a stir amidst intelligent people.

(I) Squaring

Since it is very easy to square small numbers in the head we shall not bother to deal with anything under twenty-five. Most people, having to square say 15—could do so with little trouble. However, dealing with numbers from twenty-five and up to a hundred (which is more than enough):—

Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

To do this successfully you need to build a clear path of action by using tools if necessary. These tools would be facts, evidence and stories which you know they can relate to. Plus you always want to have their best interests at heart, in other words, you know what is good for them

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