Part Two Publicity Stunts

Having surveyed the reason and purpose behind Publicity, we are now in a position to get down to details. We know what we want and why we want it. The following Publicity Stunts are a mixture of those that serve for a major attraction ("B" in the Publicity Campaign) and some that provide the means to maintain Publicity as is needed. ("C" in the Publicity Campaign)

Our first concern is "Plots". We are not going to bother too much with method now as in past Steps we have given plenty of studies that reveal the necessary technique of Mentalism, and the actual trickery. There are quite a few tricks on past pages that can be twisted from a Mental Effect to a Publicity Stunt, so all we lack is ideas and plots—the raw material of publicity. The only point which has to be made is that although you may well be using a standard and very simple mental trick for your publicity stunt, you must grossly exaggerate the effcct; we aim for magnificent and spectacular presentation as though our effect was being performed for the Nation instead of for one small audience.

If you want to "reach" the Nation, cause a big stir, get known and become talked about—if you think it out, there are very few medias to convey your fame. It comes down to methods of mass-communication and there are three outstanding methods, Sound Radio, Television and Newspapers. The common pattern of a Publicity Campaign runs along these lines. You collaborate with a well-known Newspaper and do a Stunt which gives them a "Story". They report on you and your activity and if it's interesting enough, you stand a good chance of appearing on T.V. or getting on the air in any of the short interview programmes that deal with topical events and personalities of the week. That is the ultimate, the ideal pattern for a major publicity stunt because it exploits what you have done to a maximum degree. If it works out really well, you may get "follow-ups" by way of Press agencies-circulating your story in many smaller papers, magazines and with a bit of good fortune, you may even get a newsreel film run on you.

Such a glorious success as we describe in our last paragraph may seem too much to be hoped for by the average man. That is because the average man does not "think big" and does not give the essential material "a story". Big thinking brings big results and Newspaper Editors like a story about the outstanding and the unusual. So in your presentation of a publicity trick, do it "big" and let there be material for a story that's outstanding news.

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