Part Three Tricks


The following is a complete Blindfold Routine which has been given to readers of this book by Joe Elman. The routine is one that has been performed very many times with great success and Joe is left to describe it in his own words:—

"SIGHTLESS VISION" a complete Blindfold Routine by Joe Elman

For many years I, Joe Elman, have been presenting my "Sightless Vision" to audiences under all conditions, and to specially invited members of the medical profession, wherever possible borrowing all the requirements from the audience, yet making no claims other than that this could be done by anyone who has had the benefit of the proper training.

I wish to acknowledge that my first contact with this subject was through the instruction of LENZ (Len Allen) and that I still use the original method shown to me, not having found anything which is so convincing to a lay audience.

The requirements are:—

A chair, for the performer to sit on.

One or more newspapers, menu cards or programmes, to form the first stage of the blindfold.

Two table napkins (large), tea towels or scarves to form the second stage of the blindfold.

A tray, for collection of objects.

A writing pad or menu back, as large as possible to be used for the written word test.

A crayon pencil, or at the worst a ball-pen.

Plenty of showmanship.

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