Dealing with Questions that are Known.

To clarify exactly what we mean by "Questions that are known" let us regard any Question or Problem that is written, conveyed directly or spoken outright as a Known Question. No pumping is required—the person has either written their question (which means you will read it somehow) or told you outright, or someone else has told you and so without more ado you know.

Starting off with knowledge of the problem on hand makes it all much easier for you although you must not forget that if they tell you their question, it is less impressive than when they do not tell you. Consequently, it is a good thing to find out what they want to know—right at the beginning, and if you can, keep it a secret that you have discovered what they want to know.

I o do this, we can resort to several standard techniques of Mentalism which, having been dealt with already in other Steps—do not require further explanation here. However, for your convenience, the following reference to such technique is given here:—

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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