U and so on .

The Americas

(Again with further sub-division if required for such places as Brazil, Peru, Chile, etc.)

Australasia Australia .. A

New Zealand Z Tasmania .. T

Arctic Greenland .. G Iceland .. 1

Countries (Continued)

Now let us see how this system works. Let us suppose that the performer has been handed a cigarette case which was made in Austria. The coding could be as follows:—

Q. WOULD you concentrate on where this object was made. 1 want to know the country. A. It was made in Austria.

Suppose a gentleman is requested to write any country on the blackboard, and he writes PERSIA. Here is a suitable sentence.

Q. Tell us the country on the blackboard, PLEASE.

A. 1 believe it is a country in Asia.

Q. Quite right. 1 wonder if you know which one, PLEASE.

A. I get the impression that it is PERSIA.


The same system may be used to code Christian Names, and if the reader will take the trouble of learning the following section he will have a valuable addition to the Act when it comes to describing Car Licences,' Diaries, . Envelopes, etc.

Again each letter has a common name assigned to it and where there are two names beginning with the same letter, the second one in alphabetical order is signalled by coding two letters.

There are separate lists for Ladies and Gentlemen. See the illustrations which follow them.


A Alan



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The Art Of Cold Reading

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