To aid the memory further, the letter L has two strokes and is No. 12; M has three down strokes and is 15; while W, which is M upside-down is 23. Again, U is all in one line and is 21 and V is two strokes and is 22.


Q. PLEASE tell us the initial on this gentleman's cigarette case. A. The initial is F.

Important. To signal two or more letters, SEPARATE SENTENCES MUST BE USED FOR EACH LETTER THAT IS CODED. Thus: Q. 1 am thinking of two letters NOW. TRY and tell me what they are, CAN you? A. The letters are R and W. (18 and 23).

Nov\ that the Reader is able to transmit any letter, the next section will deal with signalling objects.

Section 6 OBJECTS

In the first place, each letter of the alphabet is assigned an object which begins with that letter. E.g. H stands for Handkerchief. Thus to signal a handkerchief it is only necessary to transmit the letter H—in other words by coding the number 8 to the Medium (H is the 8th letter). The list below has been very carefully compiled and is capable of being mastered in about 10 minutes. When this has been done, 26 common objects may be coded by signalling one letter only.

Here is the list. On the

right are specimen code sentences.

The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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