You must understand that the Science of Mnemonics has been developed to such an advanced state, that this work cannot be expected to cover the subject in its entirety. "Step Three" aims at giving you a wide selection of various principles, covering many different fields and dealing with the systems which are of most use to the Mentalist and which are usually most popular with the audience. There will be nothing new or sensational in the selection given; each one is a time-tested, audience-appealing effect. Most of them are very simple to learn—and appear complex on paper only. The mentalist would be well advised to learn as many different systems as possible and he will then find that they can be used in conjunction with each other. This does not mean that you should learn two ways of doing the same thing, it means you learn several systems—one for each field of mentalism or mathe-magic. I would go so far as to say that it is dangerous to learn two ways to do the same thing—you are very liable to confuse your mind. Once you have developed your system—stick to it for good, which means you should consider very carefully what system you intend to use—before you learn it. The use of two systems used in conjunction is exemplified again by the Nikola Card System which is founded on the memorisation of words and of numbers. Moreover, the ability to cope with several fields (i.e. words, objects, numbers, dates, names, etc.) allows you to present your personality to the full. If you are working in a drawing room to a private gathering and you perform, shall we say, a demonstration of memory, wherein you are given long numbers and succeed in remembering them, you will be credited with "an amazing knack for remembering numbers". If, however, you then proceed to deal with twenty objects and perhaps conclude with a few rapid calculations—there can be no question of "a knack"—you are a genius— the owner of a phenomenal mind! You convey the impression that you could go on all night and after what they have seen, their imagination will have you doing things which even mnemonics could not achieve. With Mentalism, like Magic, it is an important feature of presentation to convey the impression that it is not so much what you have done—as what you could do—if you had the time!

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Practical Mental Influence

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