June .. .. .. .. 0 September and December .. .. .. 1 < April and July January and October .. May August

February, March and November

Exception to this code is made in Leap Years w values are reduced by one. Now suppose the Mentalist is asked to name the day for the date, October 5th, 1888. If the method is fully understood, the reply can be given in seconds . . . "Friday". Moreover, although the method looks complex it is indeed very simple.

We shall take October 5th, 1888, as an example. Start by taking the last two digits of the year (in this case 88) and add a quarter (22) making the total 110. Next add the value for the month (October is 3) bringing the total to 113 and to this add the day of the month—("5th") giving us 118, this number we divide by seven and we then get a remainder of 6.

We now have a code number for each day:—

Day Value

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