(12) "The Third Choice" by Corinda

Perhaps I should have called this trick "The Trick WitlS^ Thousand Inventors"!! Because after I put it on the market about three years ago— along came countless people to tell me that they had invented it. I will therefore make a timid plea that this is my presentation of the trick which 1 was first to sell—and, by the way, having sold a few hundred by demonstration, I can rightly suppose it fools some of the people some of the time. I like it, I hope you will also.

The Effect. You lay five cards in a row face up. You look intently at the chap who stands in front of you and then write a Prediction, fold it and give it to him. You next seal each card in an envelope and mix them. You then hand all the envelopes to the spectator and tell him to throw away four. The last one you open and show the card—he then reads the Prediction which names that card.

The Method. You require five Aces of Spades and four ordinary cards. Strip the four ordinary cards and four of the Aces by soaking in warm water for twenty minutes and then peeling them in half. Next stick them together again with an Ace facing one side and an ordinary card on the other side. You have made four double-faced cards and they will be the same thickness as an ordinary card. When they are dry—iron them to make them nice and flat and if needed, polish them. To perform, lay the genuine Ace face up in the middle of the five cards. On either side put two of the double-face cards—with the Ace side downwards. Place alongside five envelopes. Write the Prediction which reads, "You will hold the Ace of Spades in your Hand". Fold it and give it to the spectator. Now begin to explain that you will place one card in each envelope, pattering about the fact that they are not marked envelopes or anything like that. Each card is slid into the envelope held flap side upwards all the time. As you reach the middle card— the real Ace, you cough and whilst politely bringing the hand to the mouth, accidentally show the one and only BACK of the real Ace! Don't say anything—it registers psychologically. Finally mix all the envelopes and hand them to the spectator telling him to discard any four. Take the fifth from his hand and take out the card whilst holding the envelope flap side downwards—this means it will show an Ace whatever envelope he gives you. Should he give you the real Ace it will come out showing the back—so you will know immediately, then you can make the best of your luck. This happens very often as the odds are so few. You can have another set of four cards in four envelopes ready to switch whilst he reads the Prediction—so that he can remove the other cards to check everything is above board. I have never found it necessary.

(13) "The Lottery Routine" by Corinda

This is an exceptionally good routine. It is extremely baffling, interesting to watch and adds to your popularity at the climax; there are few tricks which have so many virtues as this and I strongly recommend it for those interested in entertaining the audience.

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