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for the stage—is one thing. But to cook to death with the heat is another, and it is not what I call a good thing to end your act looking as though you have just stepped out of a Turkish Bath—dripping with perspiration and gasping for air. Why be cruel to yourself when you don't have to?

With this Blindfold on you can see from your chest downwards, a complete table top when standing, and about a yard in front of you on the floor. That's enough for many miracles. When wearing it, if you want to look you glance downwards keeping your head upright—not tilted back or forward, and if you do not have to look, you shut your eyes and keep them shut—thereby effecting a more natural performance of loss of vision. You always close your eyes before you put it on and you always have your eyes closed when it is taken off—that applies to all blindfolds. , *

(2) Reverse Crease Blindfold. (Will Dexter)

This works on the same principle as the Unfaked Mask—excepting that the material is three thicknesses of felt which have been deliberately creased down the middle so that one way the blindfold fits snugly to the face, allowing practically no vision downwards and the other way—it doubles the gap by the nose allowing extra space for seeing. The diagram illustrates the principle showing how the fold or crease causes the extra gap. Should you wish to have the Blindfold tested—you put it on a spectator in the snug fitting position—but reverse it when you yourself come to wear it! A cunning and practical idea—easy to construct (about the same size as the Unfaked Mask) and easy to work with.

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Practical Mental Influence

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