will miss the thoughts—it's hard to describe, but easy to demonstrate if you will allow me ! " They will—you can bet on that ! Turn to someone and say, 44 Will you help me in an experiment—it is only an experiment and nothing may result—but do try, it will be interesting You take out a card and a pencil—thy Swami is on. 44 I am going to write a city on this card (pretend to write) and 1 shall now ask you to close your eyes and do just as I say. You are travelling through space—not in an aircraft, imagine you have the ability to fly through space projecting yourself through the air. You are moving fast, looking down you can see towns, trees, people— you fly out of this country and go abroad—in your mind you can go anywhere but now you are so high only the big places become visible—you will fly along and see the cities of the world—you are in space." If the spectator suddenly floats up in the air at this point, you stop your trick and turn to the others and say—you see what I mean ? If not, carry on—44 Now you are in space—so I will deal with time. In a moment I will say stop—and when I say stop tell me the nearest city you saw—keep flying until I say stop. Right Stop ! " He tells you the city and you write it on the card and then say, "Which proves my point because I was concentrating on that very city and telling you to stop at the time when you reached it—read what I wrote at the start Which is what I call making a mountain out of a molehill— but the audience love it.

No. 13. The Card in Glass

This is a trick which utilises a technique which is new and which is the result of work done by Mr. Eric Mason. It is not at all easy to do, but is well worth the trouble taken in practice.

The effect. The Mentalist writes the name of a playing card (or a number, word, colour, etc.) on a small white card. This card he drops into an empty glass which stands on a table. The audience then decide upon any playing card and then the card in glass is tipped straight from the tumbler into the spectator's hands. He reads the name of the chosen playing card on the prediction card !

The method is to have a glass with a fairly large oval hole cut near the base on one side. The Mentalist can write on the card whilst it is in the glass by pushing his thumb through the hole. The card should be a tight fit in the glass and will then hold steady for writing with the Swami. The fact that the card is visible all the time in the glass precludes all suspicion of trickery. The half pint tumbler size of glass is used.

No. 14. The Week Ahead Prediction

Again the principle of this effect may be applied to other tricks. You >end a letter to a friend which has inside a sealed envelope with instructions in the letter to say that the sealed envelope should not be opened until you arrive a week later. Inside the envelope you have given them is another smaller one ; it is a window envelope as described on earlier pages. In the window envelope is a card in the proper position for filling in the facts, and on the card is written your prediction.

Dear Mr. Williams. I am writing this now and in a week^s time you will he reading it ! When I meet you, I will ask you to name any person you have wet during the week and will he the name \ou sax ! You can keep rhis card. CO RIM DA.

The prediction is on one side of the card, your name and address on the other for future bookings ! Needless to say, you arrive and as soon as you meet the person Mr. Williams, say 44 Hallo—before you say anything— name someone you have been talking to this week—better be someone 1 don't know Later ask for the sealed envelope and open it yourself and take out the next envelope the right way up ; whilst reminding him of the name he chose you fill it in, then slit open the small envelope and partly pull out the card—allowing him to pull it right out and read it. This is a very good publicity stunt.

No. 15. Another Publicity Stunt

44 / predict that when I perform at the Gala Club on Tuesday next, . . will be seated in the third seat of the front row," today's date 1/7/58. Mr. X."

When you are sure that you will play before a seated audience and that you are going to have rows of seats this prediction is quite astonishing. It is sent as with trick No. 14 to the organiser and acquired at the beginning of your act. The lady or gentleman in the third seat left or right—it matters not) of the front is asked, 44 Madam, yes you !' Have we ever met before? Will you agree that 1 have never seen you before and that I couldn't have known you were coming here tonight? Thank you Madam, would you be good enough to tell me your name ?" The envelope is opened as above and the card handed to the lady and then read out loud for all to hear. It is not a good trick for the theatre where seats in the front row can sometimes be reserved under a name.

No. 16. The Seven Chairs

A rather novel effect for stage is published in Darlings 44 I'LL READ YOUR MIND It has nothing to do with swami gimmicks but the effect can be achieved by use of this apparatus. On the stage you have seven empty chairs in a row. On each one hangs a ticket numbering them one to seven. In your hands you have and show seven cards—playing card size— and each has a number on it from 1 to 7. You mix the cards and select one and hold it number-towards-you at the finger-tips. Any spectator is invited up and is told to sit on any chair. When they sit down you turn round your card and on it is the number of that chair !

This is a very simple effect. You have eight cards and show seven. The spare card is blank. You select this one and put the other seven aside in a pile. As the spectator sits down you write his chair number largely on the card. This is not too risky to repeat with another person—and will need nine cards to do.

No. 17. Any Date of the Year

A quick pocket trick. Have two pocket calendars which have all months of the year on one sheet. Give one to a spectator and tell him to choose any month of the year—and then any day in that month and to 44 ring " it in pencil. You appear to do the same on yours—ask him to call out his date and then hand your calendar to someone to show the same date ringed.

18. The White Swami

In my booklet 44 MINI SLATE MAGIC " which dealt with tricks with Pocket Slates. I described a special Swami Gimmick which I called 44 the white swami It was nothing more than an ordinary gimmick but had artists white pencil lead in the tip. It is an appliance for writing on black surfaces—such as pocket slates and if you do have the slates this is quite a good trick to perform.

You have two pocket slates—no flaps are required. They are shown clean, examined if you like, then banded together with elastic. A spectator thinks of a dead name whilst holding the slates to his forehead and trying to impress that name on the slate. You ask, after a suitable period, 44 I think I heard writing—what name did you think of? Take back the slates, open them and show both sides—they are still clean ! 44 Sorry, I must have been mistaken, try again ** you say—but before you reband the slates you jot the initiaJs of the dead person on one slate. Next time you 4 hear ' writing, they open the slates and find the initials !

No. 19. The Sex Detector

You should never miss an opportunity and you will have to wait for this opportunity to occur ! When someone you know is due to have a baby, prior to the birth send them a letter with the sealed envelope inside (see effects No's. 14 and 15). Have a prediction inside on friendly terms such as :—Congratulations on the Birth of your baby . . . (insert boy or girl).

If you take my advice you will call the baby (insert the name).

—CORINDA. Make sure that in your letter you give instructions that the envelope must not be opened until you have seen the baby !

No. 20. Headline Predictions

To perform this class of effect you must be proficient with a Swami Gimmick. The idea is to send a sealed envelope to someone of importance and the prediction in it tells the Headlines in the Prominent Local Paper of that day. The letter is sent or handed over well before that day. There is no short cut, to do this you have to be able to write a sentence—although headlines are invariably brief—and the sealed envelope technique for tricks No. 14 and 15 will do. However, as an extra precaution you would be wise to Jock the envelope in a 10 - steel cash box calling it a 44 safe deposit which can be obtained at most stationers.

No. 21. Topical Effects

Topical effects are always good ; the Football Pools offer you considerable scope for work with a Swami because you have only to write the single signs 44 1, 2 or X " to signify results. A simple effect is to have two coupons and pretend to fill in a result for the Three Draws—marking nothing in fact. The other coupon is then handed to a spectator who calls out which teams he thinks will draw. (Specify the Pool they are to select from). You fill in an 44 X " representing a draw against the teams they call and then show your result to be the same as their choice ! If you care to take this a step further, you may fill in eight 44 0's " to predict or forecast the winning result of the Treble Chance Pool which usually pays out in thousands of pounds. The general public know the odds against winning the pools.

No. 22. A First Class Newspaper Test

A spectator is given a choice of any three newspapers. You write a prediction on a card and put it face down on the table. They select ANY page from their newspaper. They then tear it in half and choose ANY half ; then tear in half again and choose ANY piece. From that piece, from EITHER side they choose and underline a word—ANY word. You have predicted THAT WORD. At no time have you touched the newspapers and they are all ordinary. Your prediction is worded ready to fill in their chosen word with the swami as you hand the card to be checked. This is an exceptionally clean and strong mental effect—1 strongly recommend it.

iNo. 23. Dartboard Prediction

A good stunt that you can pull in a pub or social club is to predict the total score made by someone who throws three darts at the board. To add to the fun of the effect, the last dart should be thrown with the spectator having his eyes closed—which also proves he is not a stooge.

No. 24. Matches or Cigarettes

Another stunt for close up work or table work is to predict the number of matches or cigarettes in a box taken by a spectator from his pocket and put on the table. With these close up quick effects, you need not resort to window envelopes or any complicated technique. Simply forecast the total on the card and have the result declared and fill it in as you hand the card to be checked by another spectator. It is also a good thing to keep the prediction as brief as possible—make it of five to six words—straightforward, like : YOU WILL SELECT THE OF for a card trick, or THE TOTAL WILL BE IN THE BOX for matches.

Pencil, Lip, Sound, Touch and Muscle Reading "

Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

To do this successfully you need to build a clear path of action by using tools if necessary. These tools would be facts, evidence and stories which you know they can relate to. Plus you always want to have their best interests at heart, in other words, you know what is good for them

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