General Means Of Conveying Information Secretly

(1) Hand Rollers, Faro-Boxes, Slip-Boxes. These are gimmicked apparatus which are operated by hand movement bringing questions into view and taking away those which have been dealt with. Nelson's "Encyclopedia of Mentalism" is a book that adequately describes the apparatus.

(2) Pencilled Slate. Many questions can be written on a slate with ordinary pencil and are hardly visible from a short distance. Similarly, a blackboard can serve the same purpose.

(3) The Thumbnail. Quite a few questions can be abridged and written on your thumbnails. Your hands are then free of cumbersome apparatus. Ink can be used.

(4) Cigarette Holder. Fogel gave me this and the next method. Questions are written along the stem of a cigarette holder which of course, in the hands, is easily seen.

(5) Roller on Microphone. Another Fogel dodge was to have a simple hand roller which clipped on to the stage microphone and was made to look like part of that apparatus! Very cunning and practical.

(6) Watchface. A small piece of paper stuck over your wristwatch face gives you another handy source of supply. Remember, you can get twenty questions on a postage stamp?

(7) Cuff. A method which can be used if you do not mind the laundry bill! Notes are made on your shirt cuff—-just where the Victorian toff played noughts and crosses when teacher wasn't looking!

(8) On a Small Card. Questions are coded and then neatly printed on a visiting card which is not hard to conceal in the folds of a handkerchief or black velvet drape used to shroud your crystal.

(9) Large Card or Blackboard. Questions written in large handwriting and displayed on a large card concealed in the footlights—or chalked on a blackboard which you can see in the wings. It has been done successfully.

(10) Written on Glass. Questions can be written on a drinking glass in ink, or on the water jug that is brought on stage to you. Every time you take a sip you glimpse another question.*

Once we appreciate that many questions can be reduced to a very small space we understand that there is not much of a problem whip it comes to conveying the coded questions to the reader, or, recording them for his benefit. We have suggested but a few—obviously there are many more.

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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