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Q. What is the number of this gentleman's house, PLEASE? A. The gentleman lives at number 6.

(The Medium quickly scans the sentence in her mind's eye until she comes to a code word—in this case the word PLEASE which means 6). Again: Q. WOULD you tell me the number of people in this row?

A. There are five people sitting in the row. Once the Basic Code is mastered, the Performer and Medium will be able to tackle questions as to the age of people, page numbers, dates, ticket and serial numbers, etc.

(A) Telling a Person's Age

The performer goes to any member of the audience and asks him his age. He then codes the age to the Medium by saying two code words in one sentence in the correct order. Thus:—

Q. I'd like you to tell me this gentleman's age, NOW. A. The gentleman's age is 18. (1 means 1, NOW means 8). Q. CAN you tell me NEXT this gentleman's age? A. Yes. He is 33.

Q. WOULD you know this gentleman's age, I wonder? A. In spite of his youthful appearance, the gentleman is 51.

(B) Ticket Numbers

Suppose the numbers were 1427, the performer would say: I want you to tell me the first two numbers, if you WILL. The Medium would say: 1, 4. The Performer would continue: GO on, PERHAPS you know the last two numbers as well. GO means 2, PERHAPS is 7, so the Medium knows that the numbers are 2 and 7. *

Once the performer is experienced, however, he would cc^je all in one sentence: I'd like you. if you WILL to TRY and tell me QUICKLY all the figures on this ticket.

In all cases I advocate that the coded sentence should be spoken in a quiet and easy manner.

Days of the Week




7. SATURDAY Q. CAN you tell me what day of the week this was issued on? A. It was issued on a Tuesday. CAN means 3 and the 3rd day of the week is Tuesday. Months of the Year

(Each month is coded by signalling whether it is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. month in the year).

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