Thus: Q. WOULD you tell me in what month this lady was born? A. The lady was born in May.

Q. You're quite right. What about her daughter, NOW? A. Her daughter was born in August. (If the Medium wished this could be preceded by a short Horoscope.) Suppose the Performer is handed a Dance Ticket, from which it is seen that it is to take place on Wednesday, 28th July, the Performer would say: WILL you tell me on what day the dance is to be held. The reply would be: It is to be held in the middle of the week—on a Wednesday. GO on, tell me the date NOW, PERHAPS you know the month as well. Medium: Yes. The date is 28th of July. The first sentence gave the date and the second gave the month.

The reader must next learn how to code COINS.

Section 2 COINS

Again, each coin is represented by a number, that number being signalled to the Medium. The list which follows need hardly be memorised since it is, for the most part, logical.

1. means 1/- piece. 5. means halfcrown

3. means 3d. piece. 6. means sixpence.

4. means Jd. (4 farthings in Id.). 8. means a penny.

9. means a halfpenny.

No. 7 is not used to signify a penny, since the code word PERHAPS, would be too obvious.

Remember that for a foreign coin, no code word is included in the performer's question. Later on in this book you will find how to signal this foreign country. A 10/- Note is signalled by the word SEE (10). A £ Note is signalled by SEE, NEXT (10/- Note repeated).

Example Q. SEE if you know what the NEXT coin is. A. It is not a coin. It is a £1 Note.

(B) Coin Dates

As the coin will normally be of the 20th Century, the last two numbers only are coded. Thus:—

Q. CAN you tell me the date on this coin, PLEASE? A. The date is 1936. CAN means 3, PLEASE is 6. If the coin is in the 19th Century, it will normally be obviously so, e.g. "NOW CAN you give me the date" could only be 1883. If, however, there is any doubt, the performer should add some word of caution, e.g. WILL you give me the date QUICKLY. Be careful on this one. The reply would be: the coin has on it the head of Queen Victoria. It is dated 1847.

If the coin is foreign, no code word is included in the sentence, e.g. What is this coin.

Examples. Try to answer each question before reading further. Q. NOW tell me what coin this is. A. It is a penny.

Q. CAN you give me the date, WILL you? (Lower the voice when saying "WILL you" in an enquiring tone.

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