26. Z—Cigarette Case

1 want you to TRY and get this object.

I want you to tell me this object if you CAN.

I want you to tell me this, if you WILL.

I want you to tell me this, if you WOULD.

I'd like to know this article, PLEASE.

I'd like you to give me this object, QUICKLY.

I want you to tell me this, NOW.

I want you to tell me this object, NOW THEN.

TRY and SEE if you know this one.

TRY and tell me what I have here.

TRY the NEXT object.

TRY this, if you CAN.

TRY this, if you WILL.

These are given for usefulness as there are no common objects beginning with Y or Z.


All objects not included in the list above must obviously be coded by 2 or more letters. The list which follows has again been carefully compiled. It is COMPREHENSIVE and NOT DIFFICULT to learn.

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