Celluloid Fake

The performer stands by the blackboard and fills in the "Crosses" when called by the medium. The spectator fills in his own "Noughts". Each square is numbered and the medium calls out the number of the square she wants to use.

The Method. A silent code is used. When the performer stands by the blackboard he stands to the right and has his right hand on the edge, thumb at the front and fingers behind. Madam can see his fingers through a fake blindfold and whatever number he signals—Madam calls out. The performer, in actual fact does all the playing in the game and to be quite honest. Madam hasn't got a clue what's going on! The signals are very simple and easy to learn—any will do, but I have used:—

Count Index finger as No. 1, Second finger as No. 2, Third finger as No. 3 and "Little finger" as No. 4.

Square No. 1. Show No. 1 and curl other three fingers.

No. 4. Show all 1, 2, 3, 4, but keep them together.

No. 5. Show all 1, 2, 3, 4, but divide between 1 and 234.

No. 7. Show all, divide between 123 and 4.

No. 9. Remove hand from the board.

It will only take a few minutes practice to become fast and accurate at the code. One important thing. When the spectator has made his move, the performer should let the medium know by giving one loud knock on the blackboard. He does not say anything which could spoil the effect. I suggest that to conclude this performance, madam comes forward andvdoes the next trick:—

(11) The Blackboard Test

The performer, or his medium, blindfolded, has members of the audience write simple sums on the board which he successfully works out and writes in the answers. It is amazing how anything so ridiculously simple can be made to appear so terrific when performed. Of course you use a fake blindfold and simply fill in the answers. Now and then you make a mistake to build things up and you can do some weird stunts like writing the answer backwards or upside down—which make people wonder. (I also wonder what they wonder!). You have to bear in mind all the time—that you are supposed to be without vision and it is natural that the minor feats seem miracles under the conditions.

(12) The Three Cards by Corinda

Again we resort to simplicity and think about the effect rather than method. This trick, fitted into a Blindfold routine will give you all the applause you want.

The Effect. Performer hands a pack of cards to his assistant who takes them to any person in the audience. They examine the pack and then remove three after they have been mixed. These three are dropped into a box which is locked and again examined. The box is taken to the performer who is by now blindfolded and waiting to receive it. He holds it to his forehead, names three cards and then hands the box back—still locked. The spectator removes the three cards he named—ari they are correct.

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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