Adaption Of The Greek Break For Card Stabbing

This is Dai Vernon's own variation of this form of break.

The break itself is obtained in the same way as described above, but when sliding the pack forward across the left palm, the corner fits into the crotch of the first and second fingers, the break being held by the web of flesh between those fingers. Figure 13 shows an exposed view of the break. Note that the pack is held at the corner by the second finger and thumb only. The other fingers are relaxed and held away from the pack. Tap the pack on the table as in Figure 14. In the photograph, the pack has been allowed to open to show the break, but in performance the pack is perfectly squared.

This hold is excellent for the well-known trick of wrapping paper or a bank note over the side of the pack and pushing the point of a pocket knife through the paper to locate the card. If the point of the knife is run across the paper over the upper edge of the pack (held at a slight slope) and the

pressure is released, the point will find the opening into which the thrust can be made. Alternative!y,, if a finger is run along the smooth paper and the break allowed to open, pressure of the finger will cause a dent in the paper to show where to make the thrust.

Yet another use for this method of holding a break is in forcing a card. By referring to Figure 14 again, it will be seen that the hand position is natural, and you know exactly where the force card is as soon as the pack is fanned for a card to be selected.

For the purpose of convenience in description, we have treated the various methods of control as if they automatically followed on from the spectator's peek. The reader will readily appreciate that most of them can be used equally well when a break has been obtained in other circumstances.

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