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This online course from professional hypnotist Dr. Steve Jones gives you a way to help your patients access their past lives. This service has become more and more in-demand as a form of therapy as the years go by. This skill has a constantly-growing demand that must be met Get your certification with this online course and be on the cutting-edge of amazing therapeutic techniques! You will learn how to bring powerful, life-changing emotions out of your patients and help them to be the well-adjusted people they are meant to be without all of the problems that usually plague people whose emotions are out of whack. You will learn all of the effective strategies that help people uncover their past emotions and gain the life that they really, truly want. Get your certification to help people today! You won't regret getting this excellent, professional course. More here...

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Styles And Techniques

Whenever I travel around the country I try and obtain a reading or two for my own entertainment not so much to see how good the reader is but rather to study other techniques. I have had half hour readings that were spent entirely on who I was in a past life. (Of course I was usually someone famous). I have had other readings where the reader spent a great deal of time talking about my future lives. Of course, any information that was given to me, I could not really challenge because of the past-life, future-life element. One of the most important things to accomplish in a reading is to give the person information that he or she can accept or reject, as true or false. Certainly you can entertain clients with your past or future life impressions, but they will still wonder if you really know what they are all about in this life. Anyone starting to take up cold reading as a serious venture should get a couple of dozen readings from various readers, simply to compare techniques. I would...

Appendix C3 About the Author

Along with teaching Self-hypnosis Wayne presents workshops on Hypnotic Past Life Regression and Stress Management. He has personally developed techniques in Pain Management, and has worked with people suffering from life threatening illnesses. Wayne has developed exercises to stimulate the immune system that are located on the Hypnotism Website at http

The Counts Dealing Grip

This deal is not perfect, but I found that if nothing else, it makes the very difficult Greek deal quite easy and that I think is appealing to a great many. It is actually quite recently that I finally came up with what I consider to be a satisfactory, dare I say, even a good center deal from this grip. Originally I had intended to explore all the variations on technique of this grip, of which I have numerous including probably five very different center deal handlings to go along with different incarnations of the Greek deal, double deal, bottom deal and second deal. However, unexpected time constraints have limited this exploration and so I shall only examine for you some of the better ideas, though perhaps at a later time I'll share the variations that developed during the search.

A link to another world

I very rarely get messages or hear words, 1 will just see things. I think probably 50 of the novices wait for words on the TV screen in their minds and when this doesn't happen, they feel they're not psychic. But many times people 1 met would give off a sense about themselves a certain symbol. For example, if a person is very spiritual, I might sense a cross or crucifix. If I sense a person's past lifetime, I might sense a triangle. If 1 feel that they're confined or boxed in, I might see a square. If I feel that they are paranoid, I might see a circle. And it goes on and on. I think it's a matter of developing your own set of symbols and once you've decided what a symbol means, stick with it. You'll find that you generally dream in symbols and it's not necessary to know what you dream as long as you understand what your symbols mean. If you believe in reincarnation, do you also believe that the more incarnations a person has, the easier he she will find it to acquire psychic...

Exercise 6 An imaginary life

Again there is no guarantee that you will get a story, but it is well worth exploring what people can do in this way with minimal preparation. You should find that with patience and enough friends you will find quite a few such stories. There are those who interpret them as cases of past life regression , of course.


From the NLP perspective, our subjective experience is our reality, and takes precedence over any theories or interpretations we have relating to that experience. If a person has an 'out of the ordinary' experience, such as a spiritual or past life experience, NLP does not question its subjective validity. Theories and interpretations relating to the causes or the social implications of the experiences may be questioned and argued, but the experience itself is part of the essential data of our lives.

S Female Married

In this past life, which would probably go back to the 1500's, I would sense that you would always be the wise person, always be the sage individual, able to give logical advise as well as spiritual advise, and I would suspect that you are probably a great deal more spiritual than religious.


As we crossed the border to California, my past life crossed my mind, too. I didn't know what I was getting into. I knew I would spend some time with my Aunt, Jimmie Grace. She'd married a man by the name of Herschel. Her name was Tice, and she worked at an insane asylum in Norwalk.

Appendix W Workshops

Have I Lived Before A full-day workshop where Wayne F. Perkins, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, uses Hypnotic Past Life Regression to explore the possibilities of you living a previous life. Each attendee will be conditioned for a deep state of hypnosis and will be able to record his her past life adventure on audiotape.

Black Female

I sense that although you would be black in this lifetime, in several past lifetimes your heritage or your family tree would indicate Cherokee or Blackfoot indian. I also sense you had a great great-great grandmother who had blue eyes. Because of being a Cherokee or Blackfoot indian in your past lives, you may have an attraction to early American folklore in this particular lifetime.

Shock Wave

Having a chance to watch these performers is a great gift, and I know that historians and collectors will find these videos to be a valuable resource. Students of the craft will also enjoy watching young incarnations of their heroes. My thanks to Bill McIlhany for making The Mystic Craig Video Collection available.

The Telltale Clock

The number of past lives you have lived is equal to the numerical value of the sign preceding the soul-mate's sign. A Leo would have 10 past lives because the soul-mate of a Leo is an Aquarian, and the sign before Aquarian is Capricorn (number 10). How many past lives have I had , How many future lives will I have Who should I be careful of Whose advice should I follow What is my lucky month

Master Palmist

An interesting thing to see are when the major lines form an 'M' in the center of the palm. In terms of past lives, this indicates a very old soul. Someone who was a master of the occult in a previous life. It used to be a 'M'for 'Magician', or W'for Witch - depending how they tied you to the stake

Time Machine

Volume One begins with a high tech tour de force as Dan interacts with three different incarnations of himself. You see this kind of digital wizardry on TV all them, but I think that this is the first time I've seen it done on a magic video. There follows five completely routined sets. Each set uses a common prop. The first set uses nothing but the magician's hands. The other sets include tricks with matches (both paper and wooden), crayons (a highlight here is Dan's Crayon Eating Monster which could save your life sometime if you have to amuse a little kid), chewing gum (two fine tricks by Aaron Fisher), and safety pins. The other two videos contain tricks with money (including a really cool idea by Mark Sicher), napkins (including Dan's Starcle which is much easier to understand on video), cigarettes, and pens. There are also segments with tricks to do when you're standing around at a party, tricks to do at restaurants, and some silly stunts to do when your medication wears off.

Famous Names

Not only did he use the old trick of claiming knowledge passed on from every sect or cult known to man, but he took this a step further by claiming to be a reincarnation of everyone he admired in occult history. Just before that particular incarnation he was Eliphas Levi, the French occultist. Unfortunately the great man never mentioned that he was going to be Aleister Crowley in his next incarnation so the claim was difficult to verify.


If I were in the business of claiming genuine psychic powers, my meeting with Becky would have been a perfect opportunity to demonstrate my inexplicable gifts. I would have been able to tell Becky a huge amount of information about her past life, including dozens of tiny, specific details things she was doing 15 years previously, names of people she knew, accidents she was involved in, places she had visited, times she had enjoyed, times she had cried, romances that had failed and so on. Becky would have been astounded, and would have sworn that I had never previously met her or anyone she knew. The incident would have seemed an impenetrable mystery, one with which my acolytes could taunt the closed-minded drones of orthodox science, gleefully challenging them to explain that away . It would have made a lovely chapter in books about my astonishing psychic gifts.

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Do You Believe That This Life Are The Effect Of Your Past Life? Understand Reincarnation And How This Life Can Affect Your Condition In Your Next Life.

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