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This is almost always the first last and only facet of crib use that most performers consider. As you have already seen (and will discover more of...), there's much more to the whole topic than that.

But, of course, where you hide your crib is of great importance, There are several interrelated factors involved in considering where and how to hide a crib sheet. These are not in any particular order, and we'll deal with each one separately.

Obviously, if you are using a crib that is meant to be invisible, the audience must not be able to see it. Equally obvious is the fact that you must be able to see it easily and readily (duh...!). The short answer to this problem is that you can hide the crib anywhere that the audience cannot see, but you can. This can be literally just about anywhere, and we'll discuss this in more detail in a moment. But let's look at a few directly related factors first.

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When it comes to actually making your crib there are a ton of different factors to consider. One thing is for certain, your best friend will probably be your computer. Having the ability to try various fonts and point sizes, create a variety of layouts, experiment with colors and camouflage all can be done quite easily with a computer. Obviously, all of these things can be accomplished by hand and with typewriters, but the computer can work faster and do the job with greater efficiency than just about any other method. Not to mention the fact that you can store your crib as a file and print out a new one anytime you need it.

Most often I have used full page labels, available at your local office supply house. These are 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheets that have no die cuts on them and the entire back surface of each sheet is covered with adhesive. Each sheet is, simply put, a full-page size label. This allows me to print up virtually any size and shape of list that I need and I can attach it easily to practically any surface. Most often these sheets come only in white, so that can be a limitation depending on the application involved. Keep in mind that these labels are pretty much permanent once they are attached.


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Always keep in mind that your crib must be easy to navigate through. If you have to wade through a bunch of information to get at what you need, it will take way too much time and be nearly impossible to cover naturally. Always try to make your cribs clear and organized in such a fashion that you can find what you need easily and quickly. The larger the crib and the more information it contains, the more important this point becomes.

If possible, try to 'group' your information together. For example, let's say you've got a booktest where you need 200 separate pieces of information available to you from your crib, one for each page of a book. A simple and obvious grouping technique would be to have, for instance, the first 25 pages worth of info grouped together. If you needed info for one of the first 25 pages of the book, you would have a huge head start in getting your information simply by going to the appropriate group in your crib right off. Maybe it's possible to do a 'sub group' by breaking those 25 pieces of information into five more sub groups consisting of 5 pieces of information each. All of this is specifically designed to help you get to your needed information as close to 'instantly' as possible. The less time you have to spend with your crib in performance, the cleaner that performance will be.

1. This 2. is 3. an 4. example 5. of 6, what 7. a 8. crib 9. could 10. look 11. like. 12. The 13, real 14. question 15. here 16. is, 17. which 18. of 19. these 20. two 21. examples 22. is 23. easier 24. to 25. read 26. and 27. locate 28. a 29. particular 30. word? 31. Suppose 32. you 33. have 34. to 35. find 36. number 37. thirty-seven? 38. Which 39. crib 40. example 41. would 42. be 43. easier 44. to 45. locate 46. the 47. requisite 48. word 49. quickly 50. and 51. easily? 52. Hopefully 53. this 54. will 55. make 56. things 57. a 58. bit 59. more 60. clear. 61. Always 62. make 63. your 64. cribs 65. easy 66. to 67. navigate 68. and 69. organized 70. so 71. that 72. you 73. can 74. find 75. what 76. you 77. need 78. quick 79. and 80. easy.

Compare this crib with the one on page 19.

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