Silent Partner

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Sifent ^Partner a treatise on the use oj Cri&s -

Acknowledgments Introduction

The arguments for and against Cribs Memory, the ultimate Crib The Biggest Problem with Crib Sheets Context . Motivation Magicians Guilt Misdirection The Peek

Choreographed Gaze Blindfold Peek Where to hide the Crib Constructing the Crib Size of the Crib How Much Information? Location of the Crib/allowable space Eyesight

A Few Extra Thoughts on Hiding the Crib Camouflage Discarding a Crib . Modular Crib General Purpose Cribs Palmed Slips

Misdirection Peek Cigar/Cigarette Peek Candle Peek Glass Peek Bottle Peek Crystal Ball Peek . Back Turn Gypsy Peck Palmed Crib combined with Writing Surface Fbcketed Billets . Extra Sensory Perception Crib Legal Pad Crib Mirror Crib The 'Dakota' Crib Open Cribs Specialized Cribs .

Beyond Performance Field Cribs Peripheral Cribs . Coded Cribs Tactile Cribs Two Person Methods Mis-call Crib

Effects Booktests

Pseudo Memory . Mental Numbers II Mental Numbers HI Devices Used in Crib Work Booktests

Book of the Mind . Pia├╝'s Personal Pro Psychic's Pad The "How In The World Would You Use This?" Dept Finai Thoughts

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