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This is an easy to make crib for those of you who use a lined pad of some sort in your programs.

Across the top of many of these pads is a stapled portion (it's what holds the sheets together) and it is covered by a strip of paper with the company name and logo on it. Create a strip of paper that fits over this top strip and have your crib printed on it. You can then use the top sheet as a scratch pad, meanwhile getting your peek at the crib. You can then scratch out the writing on the top sheet and simply fold it over the top of the pad, concealing the crib and you're essentially clean. Reveal the information as you see fit.

Of course you could also have your crib on the top sheet of the pad itself and handle it exactly the same way as 'Pocketed Billets' (above). The reason 1 recommend using the strip across the top of the pad is it makes the entire pad reusable for the same effect without having to remake the crib each performance. Simply have a clean sheet on top and you're ready to go. The pad is good for as long as you have sheets on it.

If you were to have this crib saved as a file on your computer you could print up a new one when the paper on that pad ran out. Stick a new crib on a new pad and you're set to go again.

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