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There are times when it's desirable to get rid of a crib sheet once you're done with it. This is particularly true with cribs that you physically have to hold (palmed cribs, billet cribs, etc.). In the case of palmed cribs, it may be as simple as putting your hand in your pocket and dumping the crib. But I would submit to you that it would be even better if there was a real reason, other than dumping the crib, for going to that pocket to begin with. Come out with something else that you need. This helps to motivate the action of going to the pocket to begin with.

If you've got some other prop or device which has a crib on it, examine your surroundings in the course of the routine and find the easiest, most natural way to get rid of that crib when you're done.

One small point here. Don't be in a huge hurry to get rid of the crib. It won't hurt to hang onto it for a few moments. Don't treat the object which contains the crib like it has some horrible disease. In fact, do your best to ignore the fact that it even exists. Place no importance on it and your audience won't place any either. Just get rid of it when it's natural and easy to do so.

This is actually several small cribs that make up one large piece of information. It's modular because of the various bits and pieces that go into the whole.

Probably the best example of a modular crib is one devised by Larry Becker in his marvelous routine, 'Bell, Book and Candle' which was published in both World Of Super Mentalism Volume II and the New Invocation, In this booktest, Larry has devised a ranging force that narrows the spectators selections down to 60 choices and he has his cribs on the back of five matchbooks on the striking side, 12 items per crib. He then distributes the five matchbooks in five different pockets on his suit. Once he knows the page number, he removes the corresponding matchbook to light the candle. In the course of getting the match out and lighting it, he gets his glimpse of the word he needs.

There are lots of different ways to handle a modular crib and you'll need to work out what works best for you. Obviously this is a crib most suited to large amounts of information, and helps to break that information into smaller, more workable chunks. Just make sure that there is a reason for obtaining any one of your cribs and that they work in the context of the situation at the time,

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