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Couples could be charged a sizeable consultation fee to calculate exactly when they should have sex (what date & time) in order to produce a baby to fit their requirements exactly.

All this could be done over the Internet with the couple paying by credit card and filling in an on line registration form and questionnaire of their needs.

You could then e-mail them back the CONCEPTION WINDOWS which are correct for them, by that I mean the correct times and dates for the next twelve months which would lead if pregnancy occurs to the baby of their choice.

The website itself with a controversial enough name such as "babiesbydesign.com" or "babiesforsale.com" would help to generate media publicity of your business and its activities.

I personally just used CONCEPTION WINDOWS to give FREE advice to couples by way of the Iqmagazine.com column and then as a result of this was able to sell mail order Astrology reports which were advertised at the foot of my column as being the ideal Birthday gift.

I personally would not extract money from people in the ways suggested however I have seen GENUINE examples of this idea working to help couples and so I can recommend the concept.

Using the Internet for Credit card sales and then getting the website publicised by TV/Radio and Media publications by making them aware of the controversial nature of the business would make you very rich indeed.

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