Weak Arm Strong Arm Test

This is a visual demonstration which I have used along with the other tests which will be explained with great success in the past on TV shows including "Psychic Livetime" (Granada Breeze), "Live at Three" (UK Living) and Children's "Nickelodeon" TV Station amongst many others.

I have also used it extensively as a live demonstration piece both on Stage & in Cabaret and also whilst giving lectures at many of the Psychic Fairs which in the past I have attended and exhibited at!


Volunteer one clenches their right fist and then with their fist in this closed position places their right arm outstretched straight in front of them.

They are told to close their eyes and imagine clearly a time in their life when they felt very weak unloved & unwanted.

They are told to now notice how weak, how drained and how NEGATIVE this makes them feel.

"Feeling weak, drained and negative from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers!"

You tell them to TRY to keep their arm straight out in front of them as they allow these NEGATIVE emotions and feelings to flood their entire body from tip to toe.

Then you count to three: - 1,2, and on 3 you cue a 2nd volunteer upon the stage to push down the first persons right arm which they find they are able to do with the greatest of ease.

It is explained to the audience that under normal circumstances the 1st volunteer would have been able to keep his arm much stiffer, much straighter and out in front of him for much longer despite volunteer number two pushing down on his arm.

It is explained that this demonstrates how Negative emotions in our minds can lead to Negative effects in our bodies and as a consequence often lead to unnecessary illnesses and disease.

The good news however, is that by using a form of treatment such as Navel Healing we can remove all negative emotions from our bodies and therefore end up with a far more healthy life.

To demonstrate this you have Volunteer number 1 close their eyes once again, you place the Quartz Crystal into their Belly Button and have them imagine the warmth represented by the colour Orange that is now flooding into their body.

They are told that just so long as they see the colour Orange clearly that in a few moments time something which was just a few moments ago so difficult will now become so ridiculously easy to achieve.

They are told to notice the inner strength they now feel which is making each and every muscle group in their body from the tips of their toes to the tips of their fingers STRONGER than they have ever been before.

(You of course during this time also appear to do your bit of directing energy into their Base Chakra energy point whilst thinking of the Blue Healing energy!)

Volunteer number one is then told to resume the same position as before with their right fist clenched and their right arm held outstretched straight in front of them.

Volunteer number two is then told "OK on the count of three just TRY to push his arm down and notice how difficult it is for you and how much STRONGER he has become, 1, 2, 3, That's it just TRY to push down his arm.

Volunteer number two is allowed to continue TRYING for a few seconds or so and then is told to relax. Then volunteer one is told to relax also and take their new-found strength with them.

When asked volunteer one WILL SAY how weak he felt the first time and indeed how much stronger he felt the second time around.

Volunteer two when asked will genuinely comment how much more difficult she found it to get his arm to budge the second time around.

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