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The idea of this stunt is to use it when you are on a show giving a demonstration of metal bending.

As you hold the Spoon or Fork in your hand you would look into the camera and say "I want everybody at home to really concentrate on this Fork as then our combined energies together will make it bend!"

Then once the Fork has visibly bent and snapped into two pieces (explained elsewhere) you say something such as "Wow all you wonderful people at home must have been concentrating really hard for that to happen!"

"In fact sometimes when people concentrate as hard as that strange things happen in their own homes!"

"Perhaps the cuttlerly in your Kitchen draw has developed bends or the keys on your key-ring have become distorted"

"Maybe that broken watch has started working again or something else strange has happened whilst you were staring at me on your screen!"

"If anything strange whatsoever has just happened please call and let us know on (their number) as we'd love to hear from you!"

Once again the Psychology behind this stunt as with most stunts of this nature is that as detailed for "RETURN FROM THE


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Healing Spiritual Techniques

Healing Spiritual Techniques

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