Tree Slapping Hugging Secrets

As you may have guessed there is no real secret to "Tree Slapping" other than there isn't a secret!

What I have just described is the basis behind the idea and the correct patter to use explaining the concept and how it works to the media.

Don't ask me how 2 out of 3 plants I treated grew better than those I didn't on UK Livings "Live at Three" because I really haven't got a clue!

To be honest I don't think there was any difference, but to make good television the presenters will often say things have occurred even when they haven't!

If nothing had occurred (or the presenter had said this) then I would have covered myself by saying that a usual session of "Tree Slapping" therapy lasts for around half an hour as opposed to the few short minutes they gave me!

Although it sounds balmy, because of the Kew Gardens link which is TRUE it actually becomes believable to many people!

And best of all this one has merchandising built in as you can sell the complete "Tree Slapping" kit by mail order and via your

Internet website!

This Kit would contain 2 Metal Fish Spatulas, 2 Plastic Fly Swatters, A hand held water spray container, the audio tape of you snoring (which contains your psychic healing energy) and an instruction manual.

The instruction manual would basically tell the reader the same spiel as I've just given you here by way of their instructions of how to carry out the therapy!

The only addition being some mumbo jumbo about how to get telepathic communication with the Tree! This would tell them to relax and hit the first area of the trunk which came into their head as this their intuition would have picked up the trees request!

As for Tree hugging there is no secret other than it gets some people out into the NATURAL open air and the countryside which in and of itself is healthy, also as the Trees Trunk becomes a focus of attention it is slightly Hypnotic which could account for the Stress relief many say Tree Hugging gives them.

Incidentally some of Britain's biggest Blue chip companies have been known to send their executives on Tree Hugging weekends, this basically means they have paid hundreds of pounds to stop at a country hotel and spend lots of time each day hugging the trees!

I know it seems hard to believe but many of these stressed executives swear by Tree Hugging as a form of relaxation and group bonding.

Relaxation being achieved apparently by hugging the tree and bonding apparently by chatting to their work colleagues who are also hugging a near by tree!

Yes I know what you are thinking strange but true, but like all the other ideas I've given you in this manual it has the potential to make you MILLIONS!

You may think I've totally lost the plot, but selling DIY Tree Slapping & Hugging kits by mail order and the internet which of course would be plugged by all your media appearances WILL MAKE SOMEONE A MILLIONAIRE of this I'm sure - will it be you?

I know there is lots of scope in this one as not only have I managed to obtain TV/Radio and Newspaper coverage for this Zany Talent, but also a colleague of mine Andy Ford a stand up Comedian from England took with my permission the snoring idea and during 1996 had a field day with it!

He just used the snoring makes plants grow story line and as a result he gained a large feature in THE SUN (the highest read British daily paper), features in several glossy magazines and also TV appearances on shows including C5's "Fives Company" and ITV's "GMTV" amongst numerous others.

Best of all I believe he sold loads of his snoring tapes as a result of his media appearances, consider this and then tell me if you still think I'm crazy?

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