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This must be on the paper ABOVE the scored line as then it will remain inside the pad when the sheet below it is ripped out later in the routine and nobody in the audience will be any the wiser about the written instruction from you to the volunteers!

Both pads are prepared in exactly the same way and then your ready for performance time.

Both spectators are brought on stage and seated a fair distance apart so as to imply a scientific test conditions experiment is about to take place.

You then proceed as follows:

"On the left hand side of the stage we have a wonderful female volunteer called (their name) and on the right hand side a male named (their name)"

"Could you please just both confirm that you have never met me before?" (they reply that this is correct)

"Could you also confirm that you have never met each other before?" (Again they reply that this is true)

"And finally could you confirm that nothing has been prearranged this evening and that you have no idea what we are about to attempt?" (Again answer will be that this is true)

"Well Ladies and Gentlemen you see before you on stage two wonderful people from the audience who are about to take part in an experiment of telepathy!"

"In a few moments I shall give you both a drawing pad and a marker pen and on the count of three, then and only then I want you to open your pad, Look clearly at the page before you and the moment you get the urge start drawing a simple object onto the pad!"

"One of you will be the transmitter and the other the receiver, so transmitter I want to project what you are drawing from your mind to the other volunteers mind at the same time as you draw it!"

"And receiver you will just notice that an image will jump into your mind and its this image you will start drawing, hopefully it will be the same as that being projected towards you!"

"OK open your pads and stare at the blank page before you (This makes them both notice the bit which says Transmitter -Please Draw A House) getting ready to draw on the count of three"

"1,2, and on 3 start drawing - that's right transmitter project your picture as clearly as you can and receiver draw whatever it is the mental commands are instructing you to!"

"OK put the final few touches to your SIMPLE drawing and then please tear the page you have just drawn on out of the pad below the easy to rip dotted line!"

Up to here your wording has been such that neither the audience or on stage volunteers are sure who is the receiver and who is transmitter and that's the way you want it to be.

When the spectators open their pads and see the instructions "Transmitter - Please Draw A House" they believe that this is telling them they are the transmitter and that they have to draw and transmit a house to the other spectator.

They assume the other spectator has instructions telling them they are the receiver, however as we know they both are led to believe they are transmitters and so they both end up drawing a house.

Then they are told to remove the pages from the pads below the dotted easy to tear lines, this means that when the pictures are shown to the audience as matching the written instructions from you will not be seen as they are still inside the pad.

From the moment the pictures have been removed from the pad you can start referring to the spectators on stage in such a way that you refer to the female as being the transmitter and the male being the receiver.

The two on stage volunteers will assume this is just a slight error or mix up on your part and so say nothing, and the audience believe that these were the peoples jobs and so in the context the test has been presented find it amazing that the receiver has managed to draw the same picture as was being transmitted to him!

The whole secret of this is to phrase things and present things in such a manner that everybody assumes certain things are happening in certain ways or that certain people have very different parts to play in the experiment.

The truth being that they both have exactly the same role to play which is why they end up drawing exactly the same picture.

The audience are all amazed by this and even the two on stage people are amazed both of them thinking that the person opposite them has managed to read their mind!

This effect can psychologically be made even stronger by having the drawing pads removed from the plastic carrier bag which the Theatre Manager brought on stage during the "Base Chakra Projects the Answer" routine as detailed in the Navels section of this manual.

This makes the audience automatically assume and believe that you have never seen, touched or tampered with the two drawing pads which apparently you have just touched for the first time when removing them from the plastic bag!



Two on stage volunteers remove two magazines purchased for you before the show by the Theatre manager from the plastic carrier bag, which they came in.

You now face the audience whilst the two spectators are seated BEHIND you in such a manner that YOU CANNOT see them at all and all they can see is your back.

You tell the two spectators to open their magazines onto any page of their own free choice, which they then do!

You next ask them to write down any word they see on either of the two pages before them onto the sketchpad they have which they just used for the Transmitter/Receiver routine!

You say "Can you just pick only one word from the magazine and write it onto your sketch pad - yes or no?" (They answer yes)

They are then told to fold their pieces of paper into four and to put the magazines back into the plastic bag.

At this point you start feeling the vibes and suddenly tell the female that she was thinking of the word FASHION, she then opens her sheet and shows it to the audience as proof that your revelation is correct.

The routine ends with you telling the man he choose the word GAMBLING and indeed when he opens his sheet to show the audience it proves that this your second revelation is 100% correct drawing thunderous applause from the audience.

Quite simply you have tampered with two magazines, one woman's magazine is tampered so that rather than normal pages each page has been blanked out by you and in the centre of each page is one word only in big letters and that is FASHION!

The same is done with the mans magazine so each page bears one word only and that word is GAMBLING.

This means that wherever they open their respective magazines does not matter as each and every page gives them only one option of picking just one word and of course that is the word you already know.

The man is told to remove the men's lifestyle magazine from the bag and the female told to remove the ladies lifestyle magazine.

As they were removed from the same plastic bag that the theatre manager brought the cards up in for the "Base Chakra Navel Routine" the audience automatically assumes and believes that they were bought for you.

This means that thoughts of you using gimmicked magazines will never enter their head.

A routine such as this may seem to simple as to be effective but with the correct presentation it will amaze the audience, and only two people (those on stage) will ever know how its done.

Incidentally in my experience these people on stage never tell anyone how it was done as you have on stage praised them and made them look clever for projecting and receiving information and for being very intelligent volunteers.

To now tell people how simply it was done would make them look silly and daft to their friends - therefore your secret is safe!

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The Chakra Checklist

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